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Accused of drug traffic, which rights do you have?

The cases of accused individuals for drug traffic detention are very frequent at the present time, most of these people ignore the rights they have. With the result that the advice and a lawyer penologist´s defense is indispensable to make sure for what it is already established.

When arriving to airports of countries in Europe there are foreigners that are retained, it is sometimes certain that they are guilty of that crime against health, but cases also exist of innocent. either victims or in fact malefactors, they all possess the right to follow a judicial procedure with procedural guarantees.

A tendency exists in policemen and guards in European frontiers of being predisposed against travelers by their ethnic profile, their way of getting dressed, of speaking, color of skin, and in an indiscriminate way it is considered that they have infringed migratory laws or that they have bond with the drug traffic and that they have been stopped which it gets complicated for many when ignoring the language from the country to which they have arrived.

A lawyer specialized in Penal Right, Penal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution will be able to lend attendance to accused of drug traffic and to be pending that his rights are respected. If he is a foreigner the authorities will guarantee him certain guarantees in the process.

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The attendance of a lawyer is extremely outstanding, because he will assure because it is facilitated an interpreter immediately to the detainee if he is a foreign and he/she doesn't have domain of the language of the country where he was captured. That way he/she will be taken declaration before the lawyer and of the interpreter and all what he says will be printed with all truthfulness and without changes that distort and given to the presumed transgressor.

The lawyer will also have the care of seeing if the right has been completed of the detainee. For that the consulate of his country will be informed and his relatives. He/she will see in what measure the consular authorities take participation and if he is weak or nonexistent his accompaniment to detained people under the accusation of traffic of drugs.

Although it is certain that they don't have a budget to give in front of those cases, if they should have a more active acting before these situations to guarantee what it is within their reach and that the rights are completed of the one implied, just as it is specified in the documents of the Convention of Geneva, because by means of diplomatic administration it can guarantee that at least the minimum rules of all procedure are applicable in the opinions against foreigners.

The lawyer penologist on the event of condemnations that include the extradition will assure if his represented is found guilty if there were correct procedures.

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Before a situation where you, a relative or a near friend are implied in some circumstance of confusion by presumed traffic of drugs in an airport terminal, railroad, bus or in another place in Europe, request the juridical services of our lawyers immediately, with a high qualification and experience in Penal Right, Penal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution, so much if he/she is a national one or a foreigner. With our consultation and defense will have the guarantee that your rights are completed?

Because many detainees for that crime ignore the keys that the lawyer who assumes his case dominates and it can drive him for the road of the acquittal or the minimum penalty.

He/she should not forget that each country has Articles in its Penal Code that it is defined as serious crime the drug traffic that goes against the human health and it can also bring problems against patriotism, acts of violence, traffic of weapons and of people, homicides, laundry of capitals, etc.

But in spite of everything this, the accused of drug traffic are entitled that the authorities should complete, nevertheless the attendance of a lawyer will represent a guarantee so that that is made come true.

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The detainee is entitled of claiming the policeman or civil guard the presence of a lawyer to give declaration before him and to receive the appropriate advice.

iIt s also entitled that the lawyer assures because it is illustrious if the detention was carried out under the help of an official order, the reason for which it was carried out and if it was under pressure that the one captured consented in that the registration was made for the possible search of the drug .

If there was a violation in that referred previously, the detainee will be entitled after his lawyer to leave in undoubtedly that violations existed, and that the opposing evidences are without effect.

The expert lawyer in advice and defense in cases of traffic of drugs can guide the process favorably and equally to make that the right of his represented is completed: to achieve that it is in provisional freedom until the trial, depending on the grade of the transgressor's implication.

Also, the accused has the right that is analyzed if qualitative or quantitatively the product that has been found has the percentages that are harmful to health as the drugs "soft" less aggressive, or those "hard", much more harmful.

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