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We are a Latin American lawyer office of lawyers settled down in Switzerland with a select team of capable and very efficient work, willing to solve any type of legal situation. We develop our artificial activity so much national as internationally and we offer services with excellence, privacy and speed.

What is our main function?

The fundamental mission of our office is to represent our clients, to advise them in the best possible way and to indicate them the most feasible roads in solution to their conflict. We offer a great advice in civil, penal, labor matters, mercantile in national and international territory. We always seek a complete suggestion to their particular situation, clarifying all type of benefits, damages and even the different legal warnings for each act that you fence to develop in the juridical traffic.

Our clients also enjoy a personalized attention, since we are interested concretely in particular in each case, with the seriousness and professional ethics that it characterizes us, helping them to make the most appropriate and favorable decision in their conflict and negotiating the different steps that can be imposed in the processes that we carry out directly.

What advantages do they propose our services for the Latin American lawyer community?

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Firstly the language, since we dominate to the perfection the Spanish language and we can with this tool communicate better with our Latin clients, mainly because we can inform them their rights and other questions in a direct and clear way, without the necessity of some translator. We also have international experience that is good excellence as a guarantee for the different cases of immigration and the treatment with the foreigners.

With the spirit of offering them possible more exclusive services, not only we are interested in the legal conflict of our clients from a schematic or limited point of view, but rather we interfere in the problem in a didactic way that allows us to understand their condition like person in general and we determine the most favorable solution for our client.

Which are the rules of our service?

In the development of our activity like jurists, we apply certain rules that collaborate to the best acting in our work, like they are: the speed and agility in the prosecution of the case, prioritizing the matters of urgent character eliminating the bureaucracy to the maximum. Also to carry out the work with group sessions where we expose other lawyers of the signature punctual questions on the cases that generate polemic and by means of the debate, we consider the alternative proposals and we determine the most favorable solution for our client.

If someone is stopped for some crime, can he/she request our services?

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Before any detention type that you face you can contact us. If he is stopped by Traffic of Drugs or it has been for holding, deportation, production or commercialization of any narcotic substance, he can contact us, the legal consultation in this type of crimes is indispensable, there are studies that outline that 4 of each 10 detainees for drugs arrive at the jail to get less than 500 pesos in substances, for it is very important an efficient literate representation that guarantees the objectivity in the process.

He can contact us if he is stopped by crimes against the patrimonial rights as Theft, Robbery, Usurpation, Swindles, Undue Appropriation, Graft; also he can make it in the cases of crimes against the person, the life or the corporal integrity, as it is the crime of Lesions, Homicide or Murder and also for crimes against the public order and the collective security.

In what other spheres can our services be required?

He can contact us if he/she needs consultation in the Mercantile area, we can offer him the guides and addresses in what concerns to the finances, the market and the business, we can help him to know on the different norms that regulate the economic activity of the country and to make managerial important decisions, as well as to indicate him the legal requirements of the different acts and commercial business that he/she fences to carry out. We also offer attendance in the Civil area, all the related to the citizen, his juridical status, his vicinity relationships and family, each conflict of successions, as well as the Testament and the award of the will inheritance made or intestate.

Also we offer relating services of quality to the sphere of Industrial Property and of Royalty, whenever you try to either recognize rights that he possesses on an Invention, by means of Patent, Industrial Design, a Sign, badge (brands) or a Model of Utility and also if he/she wants to recognize the rights that the Law grants him to be the creator and author of a literary work.

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Who can request our services?

We offer services so much to natural people as juridical, what it means that if he faces a certain legal situation as a company constituted by a group of people, provided it is constituted legally and enjoyment of artificial personality, he can have our services, for any act that he fences to carry out in the exercise of his capacity, either transferred or derived domain of some artificial responsibility, will be contractual or extra contractual. In a same way if you are a citizen that doesn't represent any organization, but rather he/she as a natural or physical person requires legal attendance before a certain conflict, he can also contact us and he will be assisted with the required excellence.


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