Consultation to foreigner Detainees for Drug

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We lend representation services and artificial consultation to all the foreigners who require legal attendance on cases of drugs. We can offer him up-to-date information on the legislation in this respect and to offer him a correct address on as prosecuting his situation with the justice. Our services have a great quality and agility in the steps, because we consider very valuable the time of our clients. We also face tribunals with a lot of cunning and zeal, concluding many cases with favorable shortcomings to our represented.

What is the drug?

The term ¨Drug¨ responds to any substance with certain potential to prevent or to cure certain illnesses, although generally, the concept usually attributes to the psychotic substances and in a more colloquial way it is considered as only drug, the illegal drugs. Drugs exist highly consumed at international level, like it is the case of the alcohol, the nicotine and the caffeine, legal in many countries. What happens in most of the cases is the presence of an addiction that these substances can cause and that they stimulate the criminal facts when the person wants to satiate her necessity, or in other cases when one tries to facilitate to other that possibility, but in an illegal way, like when marketing cannabis, heroin and cocaine.

What activities could be carried out with legal recriminations linked to the drugs?

It can incur in crimes linked to occasion of driving vehicles for the public roads, therefore a person drives a vehicle being under the effects of the ingestion of toxic drugs, or hallucinogenic, hypnotic substances, narcotics or others of similar effects or it allows that another person in equal state, drive a vehicle of his property or of the one who is taken charge by any concept, he can be sanctioned by it.

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Also if he/she transports, traffics, acquires, introduces or extracts of the national territory or he/she has in his power the chance of trafficking drugs, narcotics, psychotic substances or other similar to them; without being authorized for it, he can also be sanctioned. In a same way it happens if he maintains in his power or he/she hides without informing immediately to the authorities, the discoveries of drugs, narcotics, psychotic substances or others.

He/she can be implied in the crime of international illicit traffic of drugs or narcotics, if he introduces in the national territory this type of substances for any circumstance, using ship or airship or another means of transportation, or if he participates in any way in acts related to the international illicit traffic of drugs.

He/she should also know that the simple holding of drugs, narcotics, psychotic substances or others of similar effects without the due authorization or medical prescription, he is sanctioned. Likewise it happens with the professional who is authorized to prescribe or to administer drugs, and do it with different ends to the strictly therapeutic ones.

Whether for his negligence or care he gives place to that smaller first floor of his own power, he keeps or cares, uses or consummates drugs, he can be penally condemned.

Is it an exigency the penal responsibility to him, if he incurs in this type of crimes?

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We all know that if a person makes some crime, he is imputable to a condemnation by virtue of the Penal Responsibility that has to complete. But in many crimes certain patrimonial affectations that are not solved with the penal sanction, can take place but rather it generates a bed to another type of responsibility, and it is the case of the Civil Responsibility coming from the crime. The responsible one penally is also implied secularly for the damages and caused by the crime. The tribunal that knows of the case declares the civil responsibility and its extension applying the norms corresponding of the civil legislation and, also, it executes the obligation directly of to restore the thing or to repair the moral damage and it adopts the necessary measures so that the property is vacated and restored to the organism that corresponds, as well as the retrieval of the goods furniture or its equivalent one.

If the one sanctioned refuses to carry out the acts that concern him for the execution of the repair of the moral damage, the tribunal will impose him subsidiary prison for a term settled down in the Penal Law. In any moment in that the one sanctioned completes his obligation it will be left without effect what subtracts him to complete of the subsidiary sanction, being filed the showing. La contractual Civil Responsibility, it corresponds to the damages originated by the non fulfillment of an obligation but it is not the case, but rather it is the Civil extra Contractual Responsibility that makes reference to the derived damages of crimes or almost crimes.

On the event of he turns implied in some of these situations, why should he/she request our services?

He should contact us with urgent character, because his situation is very delicate, since this type of crime obtains a very particular attention on the part of the State, given to the social connotation it has, so much at national level as international. He/she will also find us in our lawyer offices that we speak Spanish perfectly and that we facilitate him a lot the understanding of his cause, always trying with transparency the favorable elements and also those that are not favorable, so that he is prepared on his procedural condition.

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