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Our office of lawyers offers legal services for all the foreigners in the territory that face some conflict with the Law. We specialize our services in penal questions and we have lawyers experts in topics of procedures, detentions, accusations and all the actions that are developed in a process of this nature. Therefore they can contact us if they need any consulting type or legal representation.

How is the work politics in our office?

We have a very strict politics that regulates all our labor activity, for that not only we offer legal services, but rather our services have guaranteed the quality, agility and excellence in each one of the cases that we admit in our offices. If they want a mediocre service, definitively this it is not the ideal office to advise them, not only we represent their interests as our clients, but rather we also defend our integrity and dependability while we make it .That is why we have reached a respectable recognition among the other offices in the country.

Our politics is focused on protecting our clients and indicating them the simplest and less expensive solution roads to solve their conflict. The recruiting of the members of the office are also very demanding, because we don't look for lawyers with a partial preparation, our objective is to reach the integral preparation of each one of them, so that not alone they have the theoretical and doctrinal knowledge of the laws and books, but rather they also obtain a great practical experience that is enough to guarantee our clients a suitable representation.

Why does it favor him to speak the same language in these questions?

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As society we speak English perfectly, we try to dominate several languages and we know the necessity that many English-speaking foreigners have of a lawyer, because in many cases the foreigners that only speak English they don't find literate that represent them and speak their language, for that reason they need an interpreter that without place to doubts it is an annoying point between the representative and their client’s relationship. In our case they don't have to face this situation type, since they can communicate directly with us and they will be able to explain in a clear and spontaneous way.

In what cases can they request our representation?

Whenever they face some legal situation of penal character, as much as some of their relatives and need consultation on the case or literate representation, they can request our services. If it is notified of an accusation in against them, they can also make it and likewise if they are wrapped in a penal process in a more advanced phase. The Penal Right is focused on two fundamental action fields, the licit and the illicit thing, the first thing will be all that is not prohibited by any current Law and the second one is clearly the opposite, that is why that like rule, any fact you can consider as a crime, unless a Law previous to the same one, they have declared as such and for it, some penal sanction cannot be imposed that are not those foreseen in Law. So we as lawyers of their case we will try to make be worth each one of the rights that the Law grants as guarantees to their procedural situation.

What importance has the literate representation in the initial part of a process?

As their representatives we take care that all the actions are made regarding their person in a legal way, that is to say according to that specified in the Law to carry them out, without coercion, repression or abuse of power, because of not being this way we would be in presence of an illegal act and contrary to Right, completely attributable to whom it is carried out. For example if it is carried out a detention without being fulfilled the legal formalities that are settled down to do it, we would be in presence of a figure that is named in Right: Arbitrary detention for what the competent Tribunal should know of those facts to proceed as it corresponds, taking a repressive attitude against the offender, since we are speaking of a serious violation, because a person has been deprived of the freedom in an illegitimate way, and this is one of the fundamental rights regulated in all the countries, considered one of the Human rights since the freedom is legally the second most protected, after the life and before the patrimonial rights.

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What does it differ between this type of Detention and the Illegal Detention?

The Arbitrary Detention as we explained previously, it is that one that is carried out for an official who represents to the state power of a certain country, we as an agent of the Police for example, who proceeds to carry out this act without a legal cause for it, or without fulfilling the procedural requirements that the Law establishes for these cases. While the Illegal Detention, is when a citizen, independent to any state organization in charge of the realization of these acts, or outside of the exercise of his work, he deprives from the freedom to other person and he is stopped against his will, in this case you typify a criminal figure that is denominated this way: Crime of Illegal Detention that as all crime, it is sanctioned with a penalty regulated in Law.

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