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ATTENTION! To foreigners living in Italy: No more uncertainties regarding your legal status.

GOODBYE to the fact that being a foreigner makes you feel helpless when facing legal problems.

ATTORNEY FOR foreigners IN ITALY: I put the expertise acquired in my years practicing the law to serve foreigners, from any country in Latin America and the Caribbean.

I offer my legal services in Spanish and Portuguese, attentive to the need for fluent and clear communication to ensure a constructive dialogue and full understanding of all topics, especially in terms of legal technical language.


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1. Branches of specialization of Law.

2. Groups of Latin American customers

3. Details of Legal Services available.

4. Payment of fees.

5. Vision and MISSION

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- Immigration and Foreigners
- Guarantees and basic rights.
- Labor law
- Obligations and contracts
- Business law
- Tax rules
- Family law


I offer my legal services to two groups of Latin American clients: those who are in Italian territory without normalizing their status, and immigrants permanently settled in Italy.

foreigners in Italy without status:

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This first group has specified that their needs for legal assistance is a clear question: their immigration status.

There are many ways to enter the Italian territory, but not all lead to the legalization of their stay within our borders.

They are also included foreigners who, from their countries of origin, are considering moving to Italy.

Latin American immigrants permanently settled in Italy:

For the second group of clients I offer services aimed at providing legal basis for all areas of their lives: work, business, family, conflicts, etc.


I detail below the matters for which you can contact me, according to the group of clients you belong:

foreigners in Italy without status, or in their countries of origin:

- Application for permission to enter Italy from their countries of origin

This application is made through the Italian Consulate located in your country. I offer advisory service on the assumptions that qualify to obtain it, the necessary requirements and the elaboration of the required documentation.

- Application for elective residence.

This request must be made before the police headquarters of the Italian City where you wish to settle, within ninety days after entry.

I offer advice and legal representation for the preparation and presentation of the application and monitoring of the granting process.

- Processing of student visas (for a period exceeding three months)
- Asylum visa (conceived for political persecuted in their country of origin, or victims of discrimination for any reason)
- Family cohesion visa
- Self-employment permission
- Visa for employment contract
- Visa for religious reasons
- Visa for scientific research
- Visa for stateless persons.

foreigners living in Italy:

- Claim of labor rights.
- Advice on tax or fiscal matters
- Debt claim
- Marriages and divorces between foreigners and Italian nationals
- Testaments granted in Italy to be put into effect in the countries of origin, and vice versa, testaments granted in Latin American countries to be put into effect in Italy.
- Traffic accidents in Italy
- Claim for damages.
- Compensations
- Administration of bank accounts, inheritance and trusteeships.


My fees are fixed and reasonable, in relation to legal advice for visa processing when the client is in his country of origin, and legal representation in immigration processes in Italy.

Form of Payment: To be agreed

For civil, labor and family cases, the fees are calculated based on the total value of the assets involved, the inheritance, or the total of compensations, when applicable. Always by agreement between the parties of the lawyer-client legal relationship.

5. VISION AND MISSION: WHY foreigners?

The strategic planning that I have adopted in my performance as a jurist is based on the ultimate goal of providing foreigners in Italy with solid legal coverage, a framework of legitimacy and clarity in all legal matters, allowing them to say goodbye for good to the harmful stigma of social exclusion due to their status as foreigners.

WHY THE foreigners?

Latin America has historically been an underprivileged region of the world, composed mostly of underdeveloped countries, many ills that have obstructed his evolution. This unfavorable social environment has caused the emergence of a kind of prejudice among the nations of the so-called first world, where Latin people find many times a hostile environment.

However, I think there is a debt in this sense of emigration: Between the years 1870 and 1960, there was a continuous flow of Italian emigrants to Latin American countries. See for example that almost half of the current population of Uruguay has an Italian origin, a situation very similar in other countries of the area such as Brazil, Ecuador, and Panama.

But reciprocity does not take long to show its face: For some years there has been an increase in the entry of foreigners to European nations, particularly Italy. For example, the third largest Peruvian community outside of Peru is in Italy, and Peruvians are the second largest Spanish-speaking community in Italy, after the Spanish.

foreigners arrive in Italy, which is a reality, people who, whatever their origins, they arrive with a few baggage but with dreams of growth and strength make their best efforts.

Given that the individual effort of a single person does not mean anything in relation to the situation of all Latin America, it is my MISSION to collaborate, from my profession, to improve Latin immigrants' lives in Italy.

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