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foreigners in Germany need a legal assistance designed especially for them. It is not enough to have a lawyer, no matter how professional he is, with experience only representing the German. The best is a lawyer for foreigners in Germany, the only way they will be guaranteed a personalized service that responds to their own needs, an expert in dealing with the issues of Spanish speakers in the German country.

As a lawyer for foreigners in Germany, I am qualified to provide the service you need, for the following fundamental reasons:

1. Command of the Spanish language in a broad and fluent manner.

The advantages of communicating with your lawyer in your own language is undeniable, far beyond the use of third parties, such as translators or interpreters.

I am fluent in the Spanish language, from neutral Spanish to several dialects of Spanish in Spain, such as Aragonese, Andalusian, and Galician; dialects of Castilian in America, such as: Yucatec, Amazonian and Cuban; and the Castilian used in Morocco, in the areas of the old Spanish protectorate.

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2. Knowledge of the legal issues that often afflict foreigners in Germany.

Germany does not differ much from other European nations in terms of the volume of Spanish speakers who arrive in search of more favorable living conditions and future opportunities for their descendants. Settling in a foreign country is a hard transition, which is exacerbated by the lack of knowledge of the national language, customs, and fundamentally, the legal scene of the country in question. Law professionals who practice focusing on national clients do not have the necessary approach to efficiently serve foreigners in Germany.



I practice as a lawyer for foreigners throughout Germany, regardless of the Länder or Kreis concerned, although always taking into account the legal rules in force in each administrative unit.

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The service I offer to foreigners in Germany is of highest quality. They will be advised and represented in an accurate, clear and agile manner, in each of the matters that are left at my discretion.

I have a high qualification, which is supported by the formation as a professional and the constant and intense practice of legal activity, in various fronts.


I think it is important that potential clients know the qualifications of the lawyer who will represent them and look after their interests, because this brings confidence in their ability and good expectations regarding the results. Here I detail my qualifications, obtained in accordance with the General Statute of the Law in Germany:

- Law studies completed at the Faculty of Law
- Accomplishment of state exams.
- Accomplishment of second state exams, written and oral, after having completed the period of practical training.
- Qualification as a Notary.
- Training or continuous improvement, regularly accredited before the bar association to which I belong, achieved through the participation in legal events, publications of this nature, and research work.

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In Germany, the concept of full jurist implies a high degree of training, which cannot fail to go in crescendo, remaining in continuous perfection.


In my performance as a lawyer for foreigners in Germany, I have developed my practice in various branches of Law:

- Criminal law
- Public International Law
- Private international right
- Commercial Law
- Banking Law
- Notarial Law


I have acted as an advocate for foreigners in Germany in Criminal Law cases regarding the following unlawful conducts:

- Illegal immigration
- Involuntary homicides (consequence of traffic accidents, presence of negligence, etc.)
- Possession of drugs or other illicit substances
- Violation of probation.

In economic matters, my professional experience has been shaped, working, mainly cases of:

- Tax evasion
- Non-compliance or delay in compliance with contractual obligations.
- Debt Compensation
- Compensation for damages.
- Execution of overdue mortgage obligations
- Pensions, retirement.
- Execution of credits
- Recognition of academic degrees obtained in the client's country of origin.
- Formalization of consensual marital unions between foreigners and nationals of Germany.
- Adjudication, and transferring acts of ownership of real estate.


In addition to the legal representation in processes in substantiation, or the notarial instrumentation of legal businesses, I offer legal advice services for foreigners permanently settled in Germany who are considering the establishment of small and medium enterprises. Also, advice for the agreement of employment contracts, regarding the rights of the client, and the consideration of options before a variety of potential employers.

TO THE foreigners IN GERMANY

Do not hesitate to contact me and hire my services. I guarantee security, speed and diligence in the management of your case, absolute competence, and the most direct and incessant flow of information on the development of the process placed in my hands.

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