Drug cases, How to choose the best criminal lawyer?

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Have you been charged with a crime related to drugs? How can you know what you should take into account to choose a good criminal lawyer to represent you?

Choosing a criminal lawyer is almost the same as choosing the doctor who will assist you in a surgical operation. In both cases, you are putting your life in the hands of a person you do not know.

When you come to the doctor with a pain and suddenly after a consultation they tell you that you need a surgical operation, do you doubt that the surgeon that the hospital has appointed is not the right one to save your life?

Perhaps, if you have the time, you will ask for some references about this doctor, it is possible that the patient from the next room tells you to have confidence, that it was the same surgeon who operated on him and saved his life ... but maybe you are no that lucky, and in a couple of minutes you are in the operating room.

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To choose the lawyer who will represent you will be basically the same. You may be notified of a possible investigation about yourself and you have enough time to ask, look up references, or even interview with two or three lawyers, before deciding which of them is the most appropriate.

Let us imagine that you have not only taken into account the clothes he wears, although it could be a sign to think that a lawyer who wins his cases has enough incomes to be able to choose the quality of the suits he wears to do his job. Nor is it the time to be shallow: not all people give importance to the clothes they wear. Perhaps it is more striking for you the fact that it is a person who inspires confidence, or perhaps you have had the opportunity to observe him and see how he vigorously defends his ideas.

In theory, if you can have a first interview with your lawyer without time pressure, which allows you to get an idea of whether the person in front of you is the one to defend your case, you can start by asking about the experience he has with cases similar to yours, how many years he has been in court, how many of these cases he has won, what kind of deal he could achieve with the district attorney´s office specifically in your case, if he recommends pleading innocent, or otherwise: what would be the maximum sanction which, in his opinion, you could face if you pleaded guilty to the fact, if pleading guilty could be considered as mitigating and whether or not you could get a penalty reduction for that.

From the answers you get you can get an idea of whether or not the lawyer you have in front of you, has enough experience to take your case.

The reality might be very different, it is possible that if you are currently accused of a drug crime, you have no more time an you have to take the recommendation of a lawyer from a list that is provided to you and you have no opportunity to analyze whether you have made the best decision or not.

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How can you know then throughout the process if you have made the right decision? How will you know if you have chosen the best criminal lawyer to provide legal assistance in your case and represent you before the law?

Well, you will the most appropriate to answer that question, and you will know as the process progresses. In the first moments you can only evaluate if he is a responsible person, if he answers your calls, if he provides adequate monitoring to your case, if he shows interest in proving your innocence, if he cares to look for witnesses in your favor, if he analyzes the procedures that the district attorney´s office has made trying to find mistakes in them that favor you as a client, or otherwise, if he is able to come up with solutions to try to look for mitigating factors and reduce the penalties proposed by the district attorney´s office.

In the end, besides professionalism, experience, good procedures, appearance, the cases won, you will depend on the evidences there are against you, on the experience, professionalism and cases won by the lawyer representing the district attorney´s office, on a jury and on the final decision of a judge. And you will be in the same situation as the patient in the operating room, which in addition to being in the hands of his surgeon will depend on the anesthetist, the nurses and how his body reacts to medications.

Therefore, choosing the best criminal lawyer for your case, can be very helpful, but may not necessarily be decisive. In the end, you will find yourself in the hands of justice, of luck ... and if you allow yourself to believe in it, also in the hands of God.

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