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With a high technical rigor, excellence and professionalism, our offices with British criminal lawyers in Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany offer services specialized in the sphere of the Italian, Swiss, French, German penal law and their respective criminal laws and laws of criminal prosecution.

Their renowned qualification and their double collegiality, allow them, with their command of English, but also of the languages of those countries, to assume the consultancy and defense in cases of immigration, drug trafficking, inheritances, contracts, residence documents, accidents and family laws and others.

If you require of a British lawyer in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany that offers you a good legal advice on matters of litigations or a defense that guarantees the success in penal affairs, we offer you a personalized attention with our lawyers.

In cases of international child abduction by one of the progenitors, international inheritances, jurisdiction conflicts, traffic of narcotics, crimes of the litigious mercantile type, real estate, commercial arbitration, coownership and social security, we suggest you that you go to our offices with specialists in these subjects.


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Our offices with representation in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany has a great prestige conferred by their legal services, the careful attention given to the clients, in compliance with renowned ethical standards and by offering legal advice and defense for a reasonable price.

Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany in common with other nations regulate their Criminal law in relation to the characteristics and effective legislations, and although they all belong to the European continent, they possess particular characteristics, which our British lawyers master well and that represents a guarantee when offering a high-quality service.

The criminal lawyer that speaks English also will ensure that the situation is communicated to the consulate of the accused's country, in case he is an immigrant, he will assume the case with the perspective of winning the process since he knows an entire set of requirements that combined with his high professionalism and experience will lead to success.

Also, he will look after each detail and will supervise the observance of the procedural guarantees. In Italy, for example, if the alleged offender is caught in flagrante, and he also confesses, that leads to an almost instantaneous procedure called fats uec and in those cases, since the individual can be judged in 48 hours, the lawyer’s assistance becomes quite important.

He will also take care of looking of the requests for detainees' delivery from Italy, to other countries, considering what is specified in the European Arrest Warrant, if this is related to the European continent or if it is toward another country outside Europe.

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Any individual can get involved in a case of detention and a penal process because he is accused of having transgressed the laws of the country where he resides in Europe, namely Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, because he has settled there when he came from another British nation, or because he has entered through airport, train, ports of that territory and he might have infringed on immigration laws.

Today, there have become recurrent the cases of people trafficking which is considered as a one of the Crimes against Human Beings, and many individuals can be related with these cases, severely penalized by the laws.

If you are facing this accusation or a relative or a near friend in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany don't waste time and communicate immediately with the juridical services that our offices offer, which have British lawyers experienced in this type of defense.

The lawyer will advise you about not signing any deportation document without having spoken with him first, because if you sign an order of deportation this will mean that you are renouncing your rights of having an audience with the immigration judge.

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In the same way, if in Italy, Switzerland, France, and Germany, you are arrested on the accusation of drug trafficking, contentious crimes of commercial nature, real estate, commercial arbitration, tax evasion, violation, theft, criminal deception, currency or financial offenses, you should consult our lawyers who have double collegiality and a large prestige.

They will assume the defense and they will analyze if there are really arguments that demonstrate that their client has offended. Their presence in the consultancy and the enforcement of their client's rights will be a guarantee.


In a detention by the civil watch, the police, the gendarmerie, contact us immediately, our office has urgency service, we can guarantee the assistance of British lawyers qualified in Criminal Law, Criminal law and Law of Criminal Prosecution.

A quick request for our services, will surely impact, in no small measure, on the quality of the outcome of the process. We are a team with a high reputation and we assume cases in Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany through British lawyers.

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