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A considerable increase has registered the prison population integrated by emigrated Britons in Europe, just as they demonstrate public made statistics in Italy, Germany and France, to mention some countries of the referred continent.

A penal lawyer who advises and assumes the defense of those detainees who had singular importance, and for that attendance there are specialized offices whose lawyers can take such cases to the most appropriate and favorable final.

When wondering why is high that percentage of prisoners coming from Britons countries, it is necessary to keep in mind that in the last years the entrance has grown of migrant and not only of that geographical area, but also of nations in war or in conflicts and also who emigrates in search of an economic improvement and a level of more comfortable life than their origin place and they end up transgressing the laws.

Many of those detainees are awaiting trial in the jails. This type of individuals has against them the difficulties that they face to achieve precautionary measures that are alternative to the one of being in prison.

On top of that situation, for example in Italy, the introduction of the crime of illegal immigration in the penal Code, the same as in other nations.

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Another fact that impacts it is big in the penal population of Britons immigrants and that delay is presented in the solution or in the development of the course of each case that the consulates of their nations are limited to assume the legal cost of a judicial process.

But also, each nation has regulations and laws for those who their consulates are governed in other places of the orb, with the result that in accordance with them and the assigned resources will be able to have bigger or smaller presence in the support to the detainee.

Nevertheless, it will always be opportune to see the prisoner's possibilities or of their family or of who is their guarantor to hire a lawyer penologist, specialized in this type of cases.

Offices exist with literate whose prestige and dependability are a proven guarantee, and in a same way they have the abilities, the technical rigor, the ethics and the experience to assume the consultation and the defense, either for a crime that is not of great span like others of more graveness like traffic of drugs.

He will make sure because their constitutional rights are respected, and he/she will keep in mind if it was the accusation for drug traffic to lean on arguments that define which it is in fact the graveness of the fact, because extenuating related to the quantity and the drug type exist and if quantitatively and qualitatively it doesn't have risks for health.

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The lawyer penologist, who is chosen to defend a detainee of Britons origin in Italy, he will be in an office that has the prestige and the excellence of his services, based on knowing the International Right, to know the detainee's language to communicate with more easiness, something very favorable, and with great experience in penal right.

But also, in case the application of the Agreement of Strasbourg exists on the transfer of condemned people, the lawyer will know how to drive that process in the best possible way in favor of the one implied.


In France, like in other European countries there is a discharge entrance of emigrants, among them Britons that arrive to get implied in some crime and they require of a lawyer who speaks their language and have a good acting in International Right.

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Because it can happen that the transgressor is in police custody, to be suspicious, or be awaiting his trial in a preventive prison, or that the Britons individual's detention is in a closed place, with a view to be expelled from France.

In any those situations required of a lawyer who represents it in their same language and plead to put in clear if the evidences for which he/she is accused are valid. To consult a lawyer is extremely important.


The advice and pursuit of the case of a detained Britons in Germany who can make it better, but a lawyer with experience and expert of the language of his represented, that his influences are very favorably to understand the case in all its details and to trace a defense strategy.

Offices exist with very noted professionals that can offer the best service, without falling in any fraud, since cases have been given, not only in Germany, but also in Italy, France and other European countries of deceits on the part of individuals who are not really literate and they request certain sums of money with the commitment that in an agile way and with readiness the absolved detainee will leave.

The lawyers of specialized offices and properly credited to assist cases of detained Britons in these countries of Europe they have a professional ethics to all test, for that reason don't doubt to consult them. It will depend on us to have this good service.

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