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In our office of lawyers we work cases of detentions daily for the crime of Drug traffic, being this one of the figures typified in Law like applicable of a penal sanction in reprehension. For that not only we dominate the theory accurately on the penal discipline and its processes, but rather we also have the cunning that has offered us the experience along these years of practice.

What is a Drug dealer?

Many consider that (Narco) is a person, although in the common use it is admitted this way, since in diverse occasions the term has been used homologating its meaning to that of Drug dealer that is who carries out the action of trafficking the drug certainly. But really Drug dealer's concept, either makes reference to an absolute phenomenon of the system of certain country that bears violence and delinquency, responding to an economic or political system. The case is that we cannot make reference to the traffic of drugs and its imminent consequences, without before revising the way in that one makes money in that territory and how it is organized the society of that country.

It is for it that countries exist in those that doesn't exist Drug dealers, because they present a politics of tolerance zero regarding the drugs, while in other countries in which States have certain permissions in relation to this topic, if a notorious and growing presence of Drug dealers exists.

What is a narcotic?

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The narcotic is a medicinal substance, well be natural or artificial that can cause serious effects in the human being as: dream, stupor or insensibility and it deprives the transmission of nervous signs specifically, those linked to the pain. The narcotics in general understand great quantity of substance, as well as a variety of drugs that have psychotic consequences that therapeutically have some specific functions for their pharmacological qualities as the anesthesia and the antidiarrheal effects.

How can the crime of Drug traffic be typified?

The Drug traffic is not more than the traffic or illegal commercialization of drugs or toxic narcotics in considerable quantities. This crime is generally materialized through the denominated ¨posters of drug¨ that according to its preponderance, they end up reaching national influence and they abuse to the international territory. It is a crime that you typify on a business, which is in ascent at world level, given to the lucrative thing that it is usually.

This crime is fractioned in three stages or processes, firstly the cultivation of the toxic substance takes place, it continues with the production of the same one, until it is executed the sale or commercialization of the drug in the market.

Which relationship does the Drug traffic with the Organized Delinquency present?

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The Organized Delinquency consists on the movement of certain grouping constituted by more than 2 people who fulfill the habitual requirements, that is to say that the development of this activity lasts in a certain period of time and that it also acts with the explicit and established end of making several criminal facts, classified as serious, keeping in mind that this activity will always be carried out in exchange for certain benefit, either it is economic or political.

It is not the same Organized Delinquency that criminal Group, since many end up distorting the terms, because in both cases it is tried to make a crime for several people, but they are not the same thing, because the Organized Delinquency establishes certain bond among its members that it offers the concealment among these, to avoid to be stopped or accused by its acts, while in the criminal groups this bond is nonexistent.

The Drug traffic presents therefore, a narrow relationship with the Organized Delinquency, because it is one of the main stimulants of the Organized Delinquency, since they group certain group of people, with similar purposes, either they are yearning of power or economic prosperity and they carry out acts that smash the existent Law in certain territory, and that they assimilate an organization form and very similar operation to that of a Government.

How do we attend him before a case of detention for drug traffic?

We offer services of artificial technical attendance, of conformity with that settled down in the different contracts that we carry out with our clients, by what we lend professional and specialized services that serve for helping to people who face certain legal situations, of all kind, among them to the detainees for penal questions as it is the drug traffic. We always look for improving our services, innovating and correcting what it needs improvement in our offices, what we achieve every time developing different methods or means that allow the correction of the defects that we can detect.

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We also contribute notorious benefits to their situation, since we analyze all the circumstances that favor their condition and reduce the pain against them, we also carry out investigative activities with the purpose of paying test means that they corroborate their history and allow that the Tribunal is welcomed to a fair failure and based in the material and objective truth.

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