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Travelers that are detained for diverse causes in some of the airports of Berlin, Germany, they can have the quick and excellent consultation and our qualified lawyers' defense and with a grateful professionalism and ethics, which allows them to assume the case of their represented and to drive him toward a satisfactory solution. lawyer paris france

A lawyer specialized in criminal Right, criminal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution is under conditions of lending a good service to who is arrested in an air terminal of Berlin by reasons violating the migratory norms until drug traffic.

To complete the expectations of their clients, our offices have the best lawyers who will be presented immediately in the airport of the German capital where the detention has happened.

Our offices have representation in all Europe, and they offer a guaranteed juridical service.

In accordance with published information, Berlin has the highest index in crimes of Germany. Those figures were given to know for the Federal Criminal Office and it embraces the crimes registered in airport terminals equally, where numerous people are stopped daily.

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Although the article 22 of the Law of the Federal Police gives the imperious to the agents of the order of to request and to explore passports or means of individuals' identification in airports and in other places of the German territory, as terminal of railroads or of bus, it is very frequent the cases in which are allowed their intuition when seeing certain ethnic and only features for that detail to carry out the detention.

Such to precede it has been very criticized by ONG and institutions that look after the Human rights, qualifying that practice as a racial discrimination. With the result that it can happen that when entering in frontier, for an airport of Berlin a citizen of another nation when being suspicious for his ethnic profile, arrive to be captured, situation that will bear him to request the presence of a criminal lawyer to clarify the situation.

A lawyer with experience will demonstrate that it is extremely wrong the decision of a gendarme just for aspects as debatable as the dark color of the skin, the form of dressing or how he speaks to carry out the detention of a traveler.

Their professionalism will allow him to demonstrate that although the immigrants are regularly more exposed to situations for not knowing the language well, or for not having a qualification; this doesn't mean that they are prone to the crime or that they have entered to the country in an illegal way.

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But the same thing happens in cases of detention of migratory order in the airports of Berlin, equal is common that the authorities in frontier stop individuals for drug traffic, it swindles, undue appropriation, whiten of capitals, or those related to the usurpations of rights, escape of taxes, a woman's presumed violation, cybernetic crimes, homicide, and some others, in which the advice and a lawyer's penologist defense is fundamental.

Retentions are frequent for other acts that smash the effective juridical norms in Germany, like it can be the economic crime rate, linked among other aspects to the falsification of payment instruments,

The lawyer's attendance will also be of supreme importance when the detainee doesn't speak the language and he will assure because they facilitate him an interpreter and that they are given printed and in his language the carried out declarations, without changing content.


If a confused situation is presented in some of the areas of airport terminal in Berlin and the authorities of the order proceed to a detention, don't doubt to request the juridical services of our offices, specialized in criminal Right, criminal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution. He/she will have the guarantee of an opportune consultation and efficient defense.

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There will always be an answer to your call or that of their guarantor or relative interested in hiring the services of our lawyers who have a high qualification, technical rigor, abilities and proven ethics, elements that will facilitate them to trace an effective strategy to clarify the facts and to give a good solution to the case.

Before the detention in some of the airports in Berlin, Germany, our lawyers can assume their consultation and defense, to look after the respect to the procedural guarantees, as well as to the Fundamental Rights and the Right to the Presumption of Innocence.

We characterize ourselves for a personalized treatment, like suitable for the measure, because what it counts for the lawyers of our offices it is to offer an artificial attendance of excellence that doesn't leave crack for errors in the clarification of the facts, leaving besides propitiating the biggest collaboration of the one represented to have elements that allow to win the case.

Don't doubt to contact us, we have representation in Germany and in all the countries, members of the European Union.


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