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We specialize in the range of juridical services in Spanish in the territory and we have lawyers experts in the cases of crimes of drugs and all the actions that are linked to these, as the case of the detentions and arrests. He/she can find services with a lot of efficiency in our office and we assist cases of Hispanic that are in this type of situations, always facilitating them the opportunities that favor to their situation.

What must be known about the crimes of drugs?

In all the cases in those that it is manifested in a way or other, some narcotic or toxic addictive substance as the drugs it is very important to be informed on how it is regulated in Law their treatment, because he/she should know on these questions and to be consent of them to see if he is constituent of some criminal activity or if it is allowed according to the laws of the country. For example there are important elements in connection with activities related to these substances, because a limit that demarcates among possession for personal consumption exists and to traffic, which it means without a doubt some a decisive distinction for any case in which he has been stopped by possession of drugs, because in dependence of the quantity that it has been occupied to him by the authorities who stopped him, one can allege a completely exculpatory thesis at his favor or not.

On the other hand, it is very important the economic value in the current market of the substance with which is related, because it influences since in a very significant way in the judge's appreciation who knows the matter, it is not the same thing a substance with little monetary amount that another whose price is very high in the trade, in fact for the proclivity to the traffic of these last ones. Also, he/she should know that the crime of traffic of drugs is not solely attributable to the one who directly is devoted to sell or to market in the market these substances, but rather he/she also understands to all that that produces them, cultivate or manufacture with the purpose of trafficking them, as well as who favors or facilitates the development of these activities.

Can a person be stopped contrary to Right?

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The detentions are according to right if they are carried out under the suppositions of a penal imputation, what it means that a policeman or an authority of similar nature, can proceed to deprive a person of his freedom as he has made some infraction that it is legally established one of the causal ones to stop somebody, therefore it requires a legal support. On the contrary, the person's rights would be being violated this way and an arbitrary detention would be being made, in which he comes in contrary way to the previous one, well because he/she stops to the person for reasons that they are not those legally specified ones, or because he/she is not carried out the act with the provisions that the Law settles down for these police actions, that is to say that still and when the Police constitutes a repressive organism, it is not authorized to force the physical integrity of a person unless it is necessary.

What relationship has the criminologist in these cases?

The Technical criminologist or Forensic, it is in charge of the group of means and methods of scientific-technicians who are used during the investigation from the crimes to the ends of the discovery, fixation, occupation and investigation of the different elements or evidences physical pickups in the place of the event, during the realization of the inspection or of any other instruction action that bears the search of these elements.

The bond that the criminologist has in the cases related to drugs is very remarkable, because this science has among its specialties one that is devoted specifically to the study of these substances, but not to the study from a medical point of view, but expert. The specialty of Toxicology and Drugs are the specialty of the technical criminologist that investigates the presence of toxic substances and narcotics in the human and animal organisms, as well as in other material indications related to an event or criminal fact, in which are carried out different actions as: expert´s report on chemical criminologist of drugs and chemical toxicological criminologist.

Why is the penal test important in this type of cases?

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The same feature of necessity that presents the test in the ordinary life is completed in the field of Right. Here maybe with more force for the growing justification of the social relationships and for the function and effects that it provides. In consequence, almost to newspaper we see each other in the necessity of crediting a status or of justifying certain events with the purpose of creating, to modify or to cease certain relationship (juridical and social). This way, in the cases of detentions for crimes linked to drugs, there are proofs that demonstrate and corroborate its participation in the facts that impute it. For that reason the lawyers develop a very important role so that they must make sure because this tests are practiced correctly in fact and they have to be a good testing material that confirms the facts, to avoid that all these elements can increase their situation and go from a mere detention to join a condemnatory sentence of a Tribunal.

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