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Any individual is exposed to be captured and accused of having committed a crime, sometimes the detention is carried out from the knowledge that the authorities have about the transgressions committed, sometimes the presumed transgressor is innocent, but in any circumstance it is worth to keep in mind these suggestions from a criminal lawyers that dwell on 10 errors that people should avoid when being detained.

Our lawyers have faced cases that have given them enough experience and they know that there are people who assume very different attitudes that have negative repercussions on the process. Let us see those errors next:

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-It might happen that the detainee doesn't want to defend and he rather shows a passive attitude from the beginning and assume an attitude of rejection to receiving the assistance of a lawyer that would advise him and establish an appropriate strategy for his defense. This is an error that could complicate the case even more.
-Another error that the detainee should avoid is to represent himself. Assuming the role of a defense lawyer in one’s own case is not recommended because the ignorance of the laws can hinder the development of the process in favor of the detainee and stop him from being absolved with the minimum penalty.
-Sometimes people think that their case won't transcend, seeing it as something that will be soon cleared up and filed. Then, they waste a lot of time and when they finally decide to request the assistance of an experienced lawyer who represents them, they have already worsened the case due to their statements.
-Other error is that individuals don't give the lawyer all the information, they hide data, circumstances that the lawyer should know to carry out the defense successfully, because the accused believes that the facts are not relevant or because he is afraid of telling the truth about something serious committed by him. Then, it is in the trial when unexpected evidence against the transgressor is presented.
-Allowing the authorities to take samples of your corporal fluids, undergoing DNA tests, and letting them get your fingerprints without a legal order are mistakes that you should not make when being detained.
-Related to what was mentioned before, that is to say, to the existence of a court warrant, there is the error of agreeing to registrations or seizure of goods without a court warrant, only the laws allow the police or civil guard to enter certain place when pursuing a fugitive or when knowing that inside the house there is evidence that could be already destroyed by the time they have a search warrant.
-It’s also an error to resist when being detained, to attack physically or insult the policemen or civil guards, and to utter indecent words. Never do those things, treat the authorities with all due respect, and address them as “Mister”, showing them that you appreciate the role they play in society as agents of the order.
-The criminal lawyers, in their recommendations about not making errors, point out the seriousness of being armed in the moment of the detention; this is a factor that provides evidence against the detainee.
-In the course of the interrogations, when lapsing a time, being calmer and having established certain trust with your captors, don’t make the mistake of let yourself be carried away by that atmosphere of apparent cordiality and don’t allow others to insinuate things, ask you questions because a badly thought-out response to this questions could help them incriminate you.
-Don’t make the mistake, before carefully reading, of signing any document without noticing of what has been put down in the text, relating to your declaration or any other paper because they could have not been properly elaborated. Check well that everything is correct and then proceed to sign it.
-In case you were released on bail, you must offer truthful data about your whereabouts in order to receive the citation and to continue with the proceedings. It is a serious mistake not to do such thing; also if you start to reside in a new place you will have the obligation of informing it immediately to the authorities, otherwise they can circulate that you have escaped and they will issue a warrant for your arrest.
-A very serious error that the detainee should never make is trying to escape, taking advantage of any opportunity in which you can avoid the custody of the police or the civil guard. This will only worsen your case.

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