Detainees in Italy, English-speaking lawyer

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Detainees in Italy, English-speaking lawyer

Each country has specific regulations in their Criminal law whose Articles vouch for what they have legally implemented, and, although for example all those nations belong to a continent, in this case Europe, in each territory the regulations can be different. Let us see what happens to the detainees in Italy.

An important thing that should be made quite clear is that, although the Criminal law has specific particularities in each country, the presence and assistance of a lawyer is indispensable to ensure the observance of the detainee's constitutional rights, if he is Latin American or from another English-speaking region, having a lawyer who speaks English will be really helpful.

It is true that there is a high percentage of penal population in Italy, due to diverse reasons, such as cases of illegal immigrants, many of which are victims of illegal trafficking in persons, because they involve in the nets of unscrupulous individuals that use, for instance, a clause of migratory law that establishes the entrance of circus workers, dancers and artists, but when they arrive in the country they begin to feel the consequences of the deceit.

The Italian Police also carry out raids among groups linked to the drug traffic, a serious crime that has a wide chain of involved people, which includes people who arrive from other nations.

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In such cases or in cases of any other nature, the assistance from criminal lawyer, with technical rigor, experience and ability to assume the case, is something of great importance and, above all, if the detainees speak English, the same as the lawyer that assist them, since the communication will be much more fluent like this and it will facilitate the creation of a defense strategy.


Each country regulates their Criminal law, in the case of Italy we have that a detainee can be held in police custody, which will be for 24 hours, and when that time has lapsed he will be transferred to a detention center. But also, according to the effective regulations in the country, there are individuals that are kept in a police station, as long as the court analyzes whether it does or doesn't dictate preventive prison, which can extend to 96 hours from the moment in which the detention happened.

The detainee must be informed of his right to have a lawyer that represents him, if he doesn't understand Italian he should be assisted by an interpreter or rather a lawyer who masters the English language and assumes his advice and defense, who will assure that he receives the translation of all the documents, that is to say his declarations or any other necessary element for his defense.

The assistance and consultancy from the criminal lawyer will have an important role if the person accused is in a special régime of detention.

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It is necessary to clarify some defining aspects of the legislations in Italy as for the fact that they don't envisage the release on bail, or the permission for having conjugal visits in case the detainee is in prison; however, he will have the possibility of having his detention or imprisonment communicated to the countries that have established an agreement, in this respect, with the Italian authorities.

The English-speaking criminal lawyer will assure that the situation is communicated to the consulate of the accused's country; also he will be responsible for the supervision of a process with the required procedural guarantees, since the individuals that have been captured in flagrante and decide to admit the crime during the audience could be judged within the following 48 hours.

That quick procedure is called giudizio direttissimo.

Other matter attended by the lawyers of the juridical office is taking care of the requests relating to the delivery of detainees from or to Italy.

Besides, they will assist requests regarding extraditions from Italy and toward third countries, with validity either inside or outside of the European Union.

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The good development of the process will depend in large measure on the technical rigor with which the criminal lawyer assumes the case, since he will know in depth the particularities of the Criminal law in Italy and will assume the advice and defense of the detainee that he represents.

His mastery of English language in cases of English-speaking detainees will be an aspect in favor of the development of the process.

If find yourself in a situation in which you are detained, or this happens to a relative or friend of yours, don't hesitate to request the presence of this type of lawyer who will have the ability to consider the seriousness of the case, see on which type of crime the arrest was carried out and conduct the consultancy and defense with abilities that allow him to end the process successfully.

A juridical advice and defense carried out with professionalism and ethics will constitute important mainstays in ending the case of the represented person successfully, either in Italy or in any other nation.

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