Drug traffic and detention: why should you call a lawyer urgently?

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Each country has Articles in their Criminal law that consider the drug traffic as an extremely serious crime, since it affects the health of people who consume drugs and also it can lead to acts of violence and other dangerous situations, as deaths, people's traffic, laundering of money and traffic of weapons, among other problems related to the lack of civic-mindedness and civic insecurity.

The concept of drug traffic involves a series of actions that go from the cultivation of the plants from which those toxic and dangerous substances are elaborated for the human consumption, to their production in laboratories created for those purposes, their later distribution and sale as links of a chain that it involves many individuals.

There are two categories that experts mention when referring to the drugs, which qualify as “soft” and “hard”. The first ones are those that cause serious damage to the health, as cocaine, heroin, morphine amphetamine, ecstasy and lysergic acid. The second ones are less harmful as marijuana, hashish, codeine and other medications that come from the opium. The sentence imposed on the detainee will be in accordance with the type of drug confiscated from him by the authorities.

Hence, anyone detained for such a reason should call urgently a criminal lawyer with experience in these cases so that he assumes the consultancy and defense.

The accused has the unquestionable right to demand of the policeman or civil guard that carried out the arrest, the presence of professional in the moment he testifies and to receive the appropriate advice; because the detention could have been carried out without meeting the indispensable requirements for that action on the part of the police, which can turn out to be very solid arguments in the defense.

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In our office we have lawyers specialized in crimes against the health and crimes of traffic of drugs. Don't hesitate to contact us, we guarantee you an excellence service and the best defense.

With a good lawyer monitoring your case from the beginning, investigating how the detention was carried out, examining each aspect and evaluating the action of the police, there will be more possibilities to conduct the prosecution to the most favorable conditions to person involved.

Our professionals know that there’s a key element in the defense of an accused for drug traffic that leads almost unerringly to the success in the defense and it is based on knowing thoroughly how the authorities came into contact with the person involved, with what authority and why they started the search for the drug, if there was an official search warrant, where they found the object of the crime, if the accused agreed to the search and other details.

Other details are: knowing if the policeman obtained the clue from an official source, if he cooperated in exchange for money or for another cause, if it was possible to record phone calls that serve as evidence of the crime or if there is a video that proves the realization of a drug-trafficking transaction.

These data processed by the lawyer can help him defend his client with the fact that there were violations of the alleged trafficker's constitutional rights, when detaining him without an official search warrant and carrying out the search of the drug in question without having followed the established protocols.

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And all of what is been mentioned, in favor of the defense, can lead to the annulment of the evidence against the detainee and since the prosecution doesn’t have an argument that support their accusation it is declared without effect and the detainee is released.

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A lawyer expert in drug traffic can guide the process in favor of his client and negotiate the payment of a bail so the detainee is released until the trial takes place. Obviously, that will depend on the seriousness of the fact of which he is accused.

Because it will be considered an aggravating circumstance if the offender is a public functionary, teacher, social worker, police, civil guard, doctor or if he is being accused of offering those harmful substances to minors under the age of 18 years, even more if it is in the proximity of schools, of educational centers, as well as if it is related to the laundering of money, traffic of people or weapons, among others.

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But a professional with experience in this type of crimes has the possibility to assist the legal necessities of his client, to clarify the facts and to explain the arguments so that the bail is granted.

With this article we have offered you information about the importance and utility of the services of a criminal lawyer in case you are involved in a case of drug traffic and detention.

The services of professionals of great experience of our office are at your disposal in order to advise you and to conduct your defense with a successful performance. Don't lose the opportunity to contact us.

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