Detainees on drug traffic, mistakes to be avoided

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Operations against drug traffic carried out by the police, the civil guard and agents against the drug traffic are more and more frequent, with the purpose of dismantling the links of the criminal organizations and bands devoted to the cultivation, transport and distribution of drugs, which is defined by the Criminal law of European countries as a crime against human health.

In those raids, or in detentions in airports, train stations, or other places, either a culprit of such a crime against the public health or an innocent can be captured, but both cases have rights that should be observed by the authorities, also the presumed transgressor should act accordingly so that he doesn't make mistakes that could complicate the judicial process being held against him.

-First of all, you should be respectful when treating with the authorities and you must not to be rude or utter insulting words.

In the practice, it has been proven that, in this case of drug traffic, those captured that let themselves get carried away by the anger and they treat the policemen or civil guards in a scornful, arrogant and pejorative way, will receive the same treatment. For that reason criminal lawyers that have experience in these cases, advice to assume a respectful attitude, to address the authorities using the appropriate forms (Mister, Sir, etc.), in a leisurely and polite way, because these elements will show that you value the work of those people that represent the authority.

-If you or somebody in your family or a friend is detained for a presumed drug traffic activity, they should keep calm, think objectively so as not to make more mistakes, and request the assistance of a lawyer and if they don't know the language, they should request an interpreter that gives them a written translation of the testimonies.
-When being detained on drug traffic or on other charge you should give the authorities your name and last names, address and telephone number, but remember something very important so that you don't make an error: You are not obliged to declare or say a word if you are not in the presence of your lawyer.
-Use caution when testifying; moderate your tone when speaking to the authorities because you could incriminate yourself.
-Do not make the mistake of, during the course of the investigation, when being more calm, letting your interrogators that already trust you, to some extent, ask questions that you would answer without thinking about the consequences, because this could incriminate you and complicate your process.
-Do not rush to make a decision, don't change your testimonies again and again, it is an error that could affect you in case you have been detained on drug traffic.
-Do not sign any document without reading it first and if it has been translated because it is in another language, you should make sure that no word has been confused and that everything has been written in an exact way. You can read it several times until you realize that everything is correct, because the content of that document could lead to your acquittal or condemnation.
-If you have been arrested in a foreign country, don't make the error of saying that you don't know their Penal Code and that you don't feel guilty of having infringed the law due to ignorance, because that won’t exempt you from blame.
-In case you are released on bail, don't make the mistake of giving a false address or with errors of place you will be awaiting the subpoena to determine your case, or if you move to another place you must inform it properly, because the authorities could think you have fled, issuing an arrest warrant.
-Don't allow those who detained you to take any sample of your DNA without having the legal advice of your lawyer first.
-Do not intend to avoid or escape from the police custody, because this will complicate your case extremely, this will be used as a charge against you and it will increase the probabilities of going to prison. It is a serious mistake that you should never make.
-Do not take for granted the consequences of the incidents that happened during your detention, not taking into account the circumstances in which it happened can constitute an error, because if police or civil guard violated any of your rights, there should be witnesses or perhaps cameras that have recorded that moment and this can be favorable to win your case at the hands of the criminal lawyer specialized in the defense.

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