Legal advice to the accused arrested for drug trafficking

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Do you know what drug trafficking is? Are drug traffickers people who produce and distribute drugs in isolation or are they necessarily associated with the so-called drug cartels? Why are drug traffickers given the opportunity to be defended before justice? Is it possible that drug trafficking being one of the greatest evils in the world today, there are lawyers who defend the accused of this kind of offenses?

Drug trafficking is nothing but the production, distribution and sale of drugs that are illegal. Drug trafficking begins with the people who produce the drug, that in the case of drugs obtained naturally, are farmers who grow crops and who see in this as a way out of poverty. These peasants are not necessarily part of the drug cartels, nor are the people who traffic with small amounts to earn some money to improve their economy, although they usually end up being consumers who spend everything they have because they become drug addicts.

Even drug cartels are not always big organizations. Sometimes, they are just urban gangs fighting among themselves to win a territory to distribute the drug, other times they are multimillionaire empires led by powerful people.

The law, which must be abided by all, establishes that all people are innocent until proven otherwise, therefore, it gives everyone the possibility of being defended against any accusation and proving their innocence. This is why although the accusation that is attributed to a person is "drug trafficking", they are given the right to legal advice.

In the world there are defense attorneys who simply do their job and provide legal advice to the detainee no matter what the crime this is charged with.

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It is impossible to think that a person who uses his body as a drug transport, carrying it in his stomach to pass through an airport, may have an economic situation that allows him to pay a considerable sum to the lawyer who defends him, because had he had money, never would have exposed his life in that way. The defense attorney of this person, will simply have to do his work as if he were defending another person accused of any other crime.

However, there are other defense attorneys who specialize in these issues, especially in the cases of "important drug traffickers", because they know that despite the risks they may face, their fees can become a considerable sum.

And how is it possible that these defense attorneys win "the cause", if they are defending a citizen who has allegedly committed a crime as persecuted by justice as it is the case of drug trafficking? Do they use bribery or is justice so blind?

It is true that in many cases the causes of "drug trafficking" are won by the defense attorney, but nobody has said that they do it easily. Most of the time the trials become real battlefields between the district attorney's office and the defense. It is very difficult to bribe the judge. Only if there is great trust between the defense attorney and the judge could the defense dare to make such a proposal, because in the end there is always the possibility that the judge sends directly to jail those who make the bribe proposal.

In most cases where the defense of drug traffickers wins, it is more due to deficiencies in the legal processes or contradictions between those who make the accusation. Although in cases of large fees, there is always the possibility of "getting rid of witnesses" or inviting people to give false testimonies in exchange for vast sums.

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And are only vast sums what a lawyer gets to defend a detainee for drug trafficking?

It is not only large sums of money that the defense attorney receives in cases of drug trafficking. Especially in the case of lawyers who specialize in the defense of drug traffickers, they become many times the object of investigations and even search by the police, to know if they are only doing their job or protecting a drug trafficker that is in fact guilty.

In the end, either doing his job or earning large sums of money, the defense attorney is in charge of providing legal advice to the detainee who is being accused of drug trafficking or of any other criminal offense on the account that is the defense attorney, the person that must guarantee that the rights of the detainee are respected, as in accordance to the law the accused must be treated as "innocent" until proven otherwise.


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