Penal Urgencies, Prisoners for Drugs and Homicides

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When they face condemnations or detentions for crimes of drugs or homicides, it is required of an urgent legal attendance, since it is of great importance for the affected fellow that a lawyer that exercises his rights and they persist and contribute to change to be possible his legal condition. For it our office of lawyers is useful, since we dedicate our time and effort to solve cases of this nature, with coarse experience and good resources.

On what do these crimes consist?

The crime of Traffic of Drugs perpetuates those who execute cultivation acts, elaboration or traffic, or that otherwise they promote, favor or facilitate the illegal consumption of toxic drugs, narcotics or psychotic substances, or they possess them with those ends.

On the other hand the crime of Homicide is classified as one of the crimes against people, together with the crimes of Lesions and Murder. It consists on an anti-juridical behavior that attempts legally against the one bigger than the goods protected: The Life. In this crime the active fellow carries out an action or omission by means of which is either deprived from the life to another human being deceitful or guilty, with the result that two variants of this crime exist: the guilty Homicide and the deceitful Homicide.

Does some difference exist between the crime of Homicide and the crime of Murder?

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Marked differences exist among these crimes, although in missing occasions to the appreciation of people are the same thing.

It is considered Murder when a person causes the death of other and it is carried out with some of these suppositions or those all together, if it is carried out the act 1.con treachery, that is to say that it is perpetuated for betrayal or when one knows that the victim won't be able to defend, 2.con savagery, what it means increasing deliberate and inhumanly the victim's suffering, 3.que consist the forethought, that is to say that the active fellow (who makes the criminal act) he analyzes in advance previous the fact that seeks to carry out and plans the way and the means to guarantee the execution of his purpose 4.that price concurrence exists in the one that the crime is made in exchange for an economic retribution or material.

The homicide is concreted when a person causes the death to other, but in the crime none is contemplated from the previously relating mentioned suppositions to the crime of Murder. That is to say that you can kill somebody, without planning it previously, although if it is made intentionally, and without the other variants converge, as the savagery or the treachery, or without it is rewarded monetarily.

If it is not according to the failure of the Tribunal, how can we help him?

People who consider being right, or not guilty on what they impute against themselves. It guarantees the possibility to win a trial, these people cannot be more far from the truth, a certain thing is that one needs a good lawyer who represents him in the process. He can face this way a failure that is not the satisfactory or with which doesn't agree simply with all the necessary tools.

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For we exercise the Resource of Appeal and the Resource of Cassation. The first one considered as ¨a second first instance¨, is a mean of objection through which is looked for that a superior tribunal amends according to Right the resolution of the inferior. Certainly in the judicial apparatus a structural hierarchy, where it means that the decision of a jurisdictional organ can be revised by one superior that we use when a judge emits a resolution with the one which as implied part doesn't agree. This resource allows carrying out the instruction actions again, because it attacks the bottom of the matter that is to say it facilitates the practice of new investigative diligences that collaborate to demonstrate our posture in the process.

It can happen that even after exercising the Resource of Appeal, the sentence of that Tribunal continues being unfavorable for our client and it is then when we can exercise the Resource of Cassation. The one which an extraordinary resource has for object to annul a judicial sentence that contains an incorrect interpretation or application of the Law or that it has been dictated that is to say in a procedure that has not completed the legal solemnities, that in this case we attack the form of the matter, either for infraction of Law or for evasion. In this case investigative diligences are not practiced and it is made hierarchically by an organ superior to which the Resource of Appeal is assisted.

What will we keep in mind to favor their situation?

Unerringly as their lawyer, we will analyze to detail their case, but it is of supreme importance in this type of cases, to keep in mind the changeable circumstances of their condition, that is to say the Added difficulties, and the Extenuating ones, these last ones are those that really interest us, they are those in charge of modifying the responsibility that contracts when making a crime, contributing to measure in an appropriate way the penalty in benefit of the imputed one.

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