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At an international level, the battle against the corruption becomes an action of all the nations, in that which Europe equally has its regulations to prevent and to avoid that crime and in case it happens, to arrest the offender and to impose on him the corresponding sanctions, hence the assistance, the role of a lawyer specialized in European criminal law has a great importance.

The United Nations General Assembly promulgated in 2005 an international juridical instrument for fighting against corruption, undersigned by 182 countries, that defines, among the crimes generated by that calamity, the bribe, the traffic of influences, abuse of authority of government employees in the particular or private interests, money laundering, misappropriation of funds, illicit enrichment. Therefore, it establishes the observance, penalization and to application of the law, as well as the cooperation at international level in such crimes, coupled with the technical assistance and the exchange of information, because these events continue to increase around the world.

The European nations have dictated norms about requirements of the Penal Code as regards the normative execution, with convenient procedures that allow a company, its executives, employees and others associated, to guide themselves and to enforce the normative legal framework, including regulations and laws, internal policies to prevent ascribable-to-people transgressions.

A lawyer of European corporate criminal law in a case of crime of this nature has the required qualification, endorsed by his academic preparation and the daily practice, to attend the consultancy and defense of a company or accused person of committing a crime.

He will ensure the consideration of extenuating factors and he will be of great support in the penal process that can lead to the exemption of the imputed cause.

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Statistics divulged by the General Interior Directorate of the European Commission indicate that the corruption in the European Union causes a cost of around 120 thousand million Eurus annually.

The cases of bribe, traffic of influences, abuse of authority, laundering of money, embezzlement, illicit enrichment, are frequent, despite the regulations and legislations. For that reason, everyday detentions take place and the legal advice becomes necessary.

Lawyers with wide experience in those procedures of the European corporate criminal law, that also include what is related to the European Customs Regulation and other norms relating to border commercial transaction can assume the consultancy and defense when a legal entity, company, or commercial firm faces an accusation of alleged or real crime.

It is necessary to take into account that anyone could get involved in a fact of this kind, since there are aspects of the Penal Code that state that legal entities can be involved and be responsible for crimes which their employees, executives and administrators have incurred. In such cases, you will require the prompt assistance of a lawyer that can assume the case looking for favorable elements to the corporate defense.

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The lawyers of our offices, with representation in all Europe, bilingual, doubly collegial, have a high technical rigor, a renowned professional and ethical behavior, and experience to take on such cases.

You should not be confident of the fact that you are innocent, go to the lawyers of European corporate criminal law immediately and guarantee, from the beginning, a legal advice and defense, because this type of professional define a strategy that allows the analysis, the consideration of the things imputed to you and their contrast with other proofs, with the purpose of defining with clarity whether or not there is a crime.


Becoming ever more penalized in Europe the actions that facilitate the increase of black money, of underground economies, which nurture the tax havens and in this not only the drug trafficking, the trade of people, the secret sale of weapons have prominence. Equally, the corruption generates them, and is being perceived as a global phenomenon, with the result that norms and regulations are more severe, the same as the penalties that are imposed on those who commit those crimes.

After the detection of behaviors that affect the economy and that are recognized as crimes of bribery of public officials and foreign officials or misappropriation of public funds, the detention and investigation of those cases is imposed; with the result that the assistance, the role of a lawyer specialized in European criminal law has a relevant importance.

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When facing acts of this magnitude one should not postpone the request for the assistance of lawyers specialized in European corporate criminal law. Our offices have a group of lawyers with high qualification and representativeness in all Europe.

You only have to contact us, we offer urgency services, we will go immediately to know the case, to assure the observance of the procedural rights, and to offer the client a guaranteed juridical service.

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