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Penal Lawyers, are cases of drugs able to be required by their services some day?. Italy France Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Saudi Arabia Argentine Armenia Aruba Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Benin Belarus Bolivia Bosnia Herzegovina Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Cape Verde Chile China Cyprus Colombia Comore South Korea Ivory Coast Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Denmark Ecuador Egypt El Salvador United Arab Emirates Estonia Finland Georgia Japan Jordan Greece Guatemala Honduras Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Israel Kuwait Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macao Madagascar Maldives Malaysia Morocco Maurizio Mayotte Mexico Montenegro Mozambique Nicaragua Norway Oman Netherlands Panama Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal Qatar Czech Republic Dominican Republic Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Uruguay Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe

Maybe you are a person who considers that requiring the services of a lawyer you will only have enough with those who take charge of the divorces, the inheritances or the payment of the taxes. It has probably never considered that in a certain moment of his life he/she could turn implied in a problem with the justice. His behavior is spotless: for what reason to think then of penal lawyers, which are their functions or under what circumstances should they be contacted?

Has he/she stopped to meditate that the world that he/she knew in his youth changes vertiginously every day? Don't your children think the same as you, do the social problems go in ascent, to listen what one sells and does he/she wastes away drugs in the schools it is more and more frequent. You yourself can be perplexed on a trip of business or of tourism when the employee of customs informs you that his baggage has been retained and drugs have been detected and he/she doesn't understand how it is this possible if he only packed the indispensable clothes. What to do then? Where to go to?

After reading these lines then it could be considered that a probability exists where some day he/she could need the services of a penal lawyer?

The lawyer penologist´s work is to offer legal consultation to those people who have been accused of making a crime. The defense is a right that all the human beings possess in the face of the justice, to the eyes of every one that, we all are innocent until the opposite is proven.

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To contact quickly with a lawyer before any legal problem is indispensable, because although they repeat it one more time, our mind is not prepared to accept that "all what we say can be used against us". And in fact, we are not accustomed to have problems with the justice can take us to enter in panic, to place us to the defensive one and even until ending up being offensive in a situation that could even end up being "a mistake". For it, in these better situations it is important to conserve the calm and to make use of the rights that are conferred to us, when being represented by a person with the enough knowledge of the laws whom he won't allow us to make errors.

Let us speak of the specific case of drugs. All the people in their healthy mind should agree and therefore it should be considered as a punishable act.

However, in some countries, the fact of being a consumer of the same ones in a low quantity, knowing that it is attempted against his own health it is also a right (the same as it is a right to consume alcohol or smoking) facts that are undeniably since they attempt against our health.

Do you have any idea that a legal guide exists for the holding of these substances? Do you Have knowledge of its legal rights?

In most of the countries the tendency of drugs is illegal; however, even so, there are minimum quantities of some types of drugs that it is possible for a person to behave when he is declared as a drug consumer. For these minimum quantities they can only recommend him to attend treatment; of course, provided it is only a consumer and under any concept the law is transgressed selling or giving drugs to other people.

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On the other hand, if you own drug and you were stopped by the police he/she should know that a legal right doesn't exist to carry out a registration, unless an order signed by a judge to carry out this action type on the existing person. And if having you the absolute security that he doesn't carry drugs, consented to be registered, when not being any rake of this substance on the person, he/she should know that a legal right doesn't exist for him to be stopped, for the simple reason of being suspicious for the police.

Now then, if in the worst of the cases, after carrying out a registration to their house or their person, you were seen accused of illegal holding of drugs, their best option; at the moment it is to contact a penal lawyer that assists this type of crimes.

How to know that he/she has chosen the best lawyer in this topic?

The typical thing is usually that some person gives us a recommendation, could we also consider the years of experience that he/she has, the quantity of cases of this type that he has defended and in case that he doesn't know, at least to be allowed to take for his instinct, for the fluency of his words or the trust and tranquility that he transmits, committing to solve the problem that you have outlined him efficiently. The lawyer's professionalism will be a key factor to guarantee that in his case, triumph the justice.

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