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With a high specialization, our office has criminal lawyers for Foreingners detained in Europe; who are able to take the process to the most favorable conclusion for their clients, because, regarding technical rigor, qualification, professional ethics and abilities, we have a remarkable place in the juridical services.

Every time it is more notorious and more considerable the number of immigrants that arrive in the European continent, looking for a better standard of living in societies with a higher general welfare, also there are those who come from countries at war, and from Latin America or other places of the world.

Those individuals not always have a legal status of permanence in the European nations in which they have arrived, because they entered the country using the actions of the traffic of people which leads to the Crime of Trafficking in Peoples, or through fraudulent marriages to nationals, or also by means of false documents through airports, where they are detained after the authority carries out the examination.

The Criminal lawyers of our offices have the necessary abilities to discern what it is going on, if the detention has been only a mistake, because the police suspected the Latin person because of his way of dressing, of speaking or because of the color of his skin.

Due to the large professionalism of our lawyers, they will be able to assume the case and to clarify that although an immigrant can be exposed to some transgression of the effective legislations in the European nation where he is, due to little qualification, or ignorance of the language, one shouldn’t consider all Foreingners as criminals.

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If you are Latin and you are in judicial difficulties in Europe, don't hesitate to request the services of our offices, with their lawyers' renowned qualification in Criminal Law, Penal Code, International Humanitarian Law, refugee assistance and Criminal Prosecution Law. We guarantee you an effective consultancy and a good defense.

Press Media have published statistics that reveal how the amount of foreign prisoners has grown up the last decades in Europe, among them Foreingners , mainly from Colombia, and on that phenomenon, economic and cultural causes have a great influence.

Experts in the subject state that Europe is seeking –by establishing a stricter control on the immigrants -, to stop or to attenuate the migratory flow.

But more cases of refuge application continue to appear, and if the Latin American that requests that benefit doesn't have the appropriate criminal lawyer's defense and consultancy in European countries, he could suffer from constraint in hands of the gendarmerie, but also when he give testimony without the assistance of a jurist that makes him aware of all his rights.

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The Latin that requests refuge could make it under one of the following precepts. This is: because he feels the rigors of having been persecuted for having different political opinions and being about to be imprisoned in his country; belongs to an ethnic or social group that is persecuted for reasons related to their race, religion, nationality and he requires the protection of the European nation in which he has arrived.

The criminal lawyer for Foreingners in Europe that assists your case will ensure that the established legal procedure is observed and he will be helpful in demonstrating that the exposed causes are real.


When a Latin is detained for being involved in a presumed drug trafficking action, which constitutes a Crime against the public health and it is considered a serious crime, the assistance of a criminal lawyer will constitute a key element in defining which the charges imputed to the defendant really are.

While not knowing his rights and being in a foreign country where there is a high probability that he doesn't know the language, unless it is Spanish, his case can get much more complicated if he doesn't get the defense and consultancy from a lawyer who can evaluate the conditions in which the detention was made, whether the necessary legal aspects and other requirements were met, that in case they were infringed, he will conduct the process of his client with more possibilities of success.

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In Europe the statistics revealed in newspapers indicate that there is a high prison population, comprised of individuals that offend and not only come from member countries of the European Union, but also from other countries and regions around the world, including Latin America.

Many of the consulates that represent theirs nation in Europe even when they are informed of the case of the offender, they don't have sufficient budget to pay him a lawyer, therefore the imprisonment and the trial to define the sentence are delayed.

Nevertheless, if the family of the client or the client himself when being detained requests a criminal lawyer for Foreingners , there are possibilities of lessening of the sentence or even the acquittal, which gives an idea of how important is that you trust a lawyers of our offices. We are at your disposal, you won't regret hiring us.

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