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What do you know about the crimes linked to international drug trafficking? What are their sanctions? What are the guarantees for the accused of a crime of drug trafficking? How is it possible that the defense attorneys of this kind of crimes can win lawsuits against the prosecution even though these crimes are so persecuted by the authorities at an international level?

The crimes that linked to drug trafficking, as a general rule, are punished by severe penalties in most of the countries around the world.

These crimes are frequently associated with the so-called "money laundering". For this reason, the accused of this type of crime, often face sentences ranging from a minimum deprivation of liberty of 5 years to penalties that can even be life imprisonment, as well as fines of a considerable amount of money, which may also lead to the possible confiscation of property.

The sanctions applied by law vary depending on several factors such as: the amount of drug, the type of drug, and the role played by the accused in this process (if he is a drug manufacturer, distributor, seller, etc.).

When dealing with a "network" in charge of manufacturing, distributing and generally dealing with drugs at an international level, the authorities are very strict with sanctions, since each of the participants is held responsible for the totality of the crimes that they are committed within this organization (regardless of their real participation) because in this way they press the participants to cooperate and to tell the authorities about each of the people who are involved until they get to "bosses" of these organizations, who are the real objective of the authorities.

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There are even moments, that in this type of "drug trafficking networks" the members need to be defended from others involved in this same crime, that try to get rid of the charges and begin to provide the authorities with information that may or may not be true and attribute "their activities" to another person in the organization.

When the crime of drug trafficking is associated with the crime of money laundering, the charges are aggravated since it is much easier for prosecutors to prove financial transactions than to prove the fact that a distribution or sale of drugs has taken place.

In the crimes of "international drug trafficking" there are also many cases in which the accused is "captured" abroad and needs to be transferred to his country to be prosecuted. This process is complicated and regulated by bilateral extradition treaties between the country in which he was captured and the country where he will be tried.

Due to these reasons, when a detainee must face an accusation for drug trafficking, it is necessary that he has a very strong legal defense, which allows him professional advice of a private nature and a correct strategy, for which it will be required that your case be taken by criminal lawyers with expertise in these types of charge.

There are even occasions in which the expert defense lawyers take advantage of mistakes made in the processes: statements obtained illegally or information obtained from intervening a telephone line without the proper authorization and it is precisely when the criminal lawyer takes advantage to negotiate deals with the prosecution without getting to go to court.

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And what option is better for the accused of this crime of drug trafficking: to plead guilty, or go to trial? What role does the expert criminal lawyer play in international drug trafficking cases?

This is a decision that only the defense lawyer can recommend to the accused depending on the strength of the accusation made by the prosecution or the weakness of the arguments that exist.

When the accused assumes the guilt of the accusation, it can guarantee a small reduction of the sentence that can be imposed, achieving the modification of the charges, improving some of the imprisonment conditions and can even handle a certain type of protection to the family members, preventing them from being persecuted by the media.

On the other hand, a trial requires to prove the true guilt and if you manage to convince the jury that there are weak points in the accusation and sow the smallest seed of doubt among the members of the jury, then the accused can be declared "innocent".

The role of the criminal lawyer expert in this type of drug trafficking cases, is to get the copy of the accusation, request information on the case, analyze this information, review the evidence, verify all laboratory reports, question witnesses, confirm the situation that the accused faces and through his experience draw the best strategy to meet the needs of his client.

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