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If you oneof those people who wonder how to have the best juridical services, here we offer you that opportunity, you only have to click on this link and you will discover what possibilities of triumphing are guaranteed by our lawyers, specialized in Criminal Law, Penal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution.

Are looking for a legal advice for matters of inheritances, litigations or a guaranteed defense with success in penal matters? Well, you have found the best option with us. Do not doubt it, profesionalidad, technical rigor, a personalized attention and credit facilities, with excellent prices for you. That and more is offered by Servicios Jurídicos Garantizados s.l.

Everyday, there are situations that imply the necessity for hiring a lawyer that is an expert in the defense and succeed in the process in favor of his client in any type of crimes, because he has the ability that allows him to win each process, no matter how complicated it is.

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Guaranteed Juridical services s.l. has those professionals who are able to offer a tailor-made service, personalizing each detail, analyzing the most favorable aspects in order to execute a successful defense.

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And another important aspect is that they have representation in all Europe. Their headquarters is in Brussels and it constitutes a multidisciplinary society that offers the client a group of facilities, as what is related to the payment, since, as everyone should know, a legal procedure can last for a long period and result in more expenses.

For this, it has created fair rates that gives the client the option of paying in installments, in case he doesn't have a good financial situation that allows him to pay in a single transaction the expenses of the services received.

But also Servicios Jurídicos Garantizados s.l. distinguishes from other similar ones in the way it is listens to the worries of the client, because their doors are open without creating the client a previous payment commitment just for listening, knowing, evaluating and consequently defining the way for facing the legal process.

Their ethics is based, among other aspects, on fulfilling with professional rigor the work that they do and offering a personalized attention to those who hire their services, with an unlimited respect to all things related to the procedural guarantees, as well as the Fundamental Rights, with exceptional functionality in the Right to the Presumption of Innocence, because they seek to prove the client's innocence in the case that they are dealing with.

There are many crimes that go from extortion, homicide, theft, swindles, illicit appropriation, monetary and financial crimes, against the migratory order, against the environment, omission of family assistance, to cybernetic crimes based on the use of the new technologies, laundering of money, swindles, misappropriation or those related to the usurping of rights, all of which integrates a wide range in which the talent and ability of the lawyers' of Servicios Jurídicos Garantizados s.l. don´t find any competition.

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Those who work as professionals in Servicios Jurídicos Garantizados s.l. are distinguished for the efficiency, knowing how to discern the aspects of the case in which they must use all their technical rigor, because the important thing is representing the accused or investigated person in the fact in question before Courts of Law or Courts of First Instance, even the Constitutional Court or European Court of Human Rights of Strasbourg (France).

Servicios Jurídicos Garantizados s.l. has gained prestige from the satisfactory solutions of many processes defended by their professionals, and it has a 21 year-old guaranteed experience of criminal lawyers who count on good references in Barcelona.

For that reason you should not miss an appointment, a consultation or when contracting if you are in a situation that requires the experience and professionalism of the lawyers of Servicios Jurídicos Garantizados s.l. the best option for advice, defense and satisfactory ending of litigations. Keep in mind that the first contact will be for free, without no charge on the client.

As complex and serious the juridical problem may be that you have, don't stop to doubt its possible analysis, discerning and satisfactory solution of the lawyers of this office who has shown in many occasions their efficiency and they already constitute a reference in the legal sphere.

Establishing a legal defense strategy, capable of illustrating the judges with irrefutable tests the accused's innocence is one of the professional abilities of the lawyers of Servicios Jurídicos Garantizados s.l.

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Don't hesitate to contact, you will be assisted in an atmosphere that generates trust, with a good communication in order to know which your case is, as well as with the security of relying on a commitment that won't stop until you see the last legal consequences.

And not only in the consultation in the office, also the contact with the client is facilitated to prepare a successful defense by means of videoconferences and visits to the prison if you have been imprisoned. We wait for you.

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Contact us in case of detention or criminal or civil problems. The law firm in Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Croatia Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg malta Netherlands Poland Portugal United Kindom Usa Czech Republic Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Hungary China Mexico Colombia Canada United Arab Emirates is directed towards criminal and international law, a format for criminal lawyers mainly deals with the defense of people accused of crimes penalties such as drug trafficking, financial and economic crimes, white-collar crimes, murder, violence, rape and any type of crime. Contact us now for effective criminal defense.

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