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A good lawyer knows in a lightly universal way on the different spheres of action of his profession, but he specializes in one of them, because it is the best road to reach the excellence in his work. It is not easy to find expert, in cases of this type, since it requires a lot of time of study and practical experience. It is for this reason that if he/she needs legal attendance in some situation with the justice by reason of International Mafia, he/she can request my services. Joy of legal competition in the territory and I assist cases so much national as international.

Does he/she have any relationship with the delinquency organized in this type of cases?

Although the Mafia is considered a type of Organized Crime, really if a very narrow bond exists between the Organized Delinquency and the cases of International Mafia, since the Organized Delinquency is a criminal activity, that is to say anti-juridical as it carries out person's group and that contrary to the Organized Crime, he/she has certain lasting period in the time, what it means that it is not casual or sporadic, but rather that group of people exists with the purpose of carrying out certain crimes or illicit activities, with the primordial end of obtaining some economic recompense, for what its reason of being fundamental is the lucrative spirit. The organized delinquency is also the ¨ material seat¨ of the Organized Mafia, since in this type of groupings a bond exists, not present in the organized crime that relates its members, creating secret knots and concealment that consider necessary to avoid being detected and pursued by the crimes that are made.

In the cases of International Mafia, a lot of bond is manifested, since the related individuals cover the backs to each other, and they respond to certain concepts of ¨respect¨ and ¨manhood ¨ that they just acquire in dependence of the loyalty that they can show in their behavior, regarding their partners and especially to the figure that leads the organization. This bond is one of the main reasons that facilitates its existence and survival in the market, even with the presence of others that practice the same business, these practices of loyalty come off also from the beginnings of this activity, with the most renowned figures internationally of the Mafia, knowing that the term ¨racketeers ¨etymologically, responds in its origins and concept of honor¨ ¨men, because they had inviolable codes among them, as the Law of the silence. Amen of this relationship between Mafia and organized Delinquency, he/she cannot forget that indeed, the Mafia is a special class of Organized Crime.

On what does the International Mafia consist?

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The International Mafia consists on a group of people who are organized structurally in a hierarchical way, and for that they respond of certain bosses who have the authority to design the different plans or operations that will be carried out. This activity is materialized by means of a group of crimes that are among the most notorious: International traffic of Drugs, Weapons or People and the crimes of Murder, Homicide, Robbery, Laundry of money and Grafts, among others.

How can I help this sort of person if he is wrapped in some process of this type?

As their legal representative it corresponds me to look after the strict execution of their rights in the process, it would also guarantee that each one of the natural benefits that grants him the law, be invoked correctly and in term so that they can proceed and their situation don't be affected, for reason of an imprudence like to allow to lapse the established term to exercise a resource, as they are the resource of Appeal and Cassation that are of huge importance in the cases in those that the sentences of the tribunal have been unfavorable for the client.

What is the Judicial Interpretation?

The judicial interpretation is that that concerns the judges to carry out when a cause is presented in its Tribunal. It corresponds to these to apply the law to the specific cases, to the criminal fact that one examines, in order to determine, once analyzed the tests contributed during the penal trial, the fellow's penal responsibility, the fair measure of the sanction to be imposed. It is this the practical activity in which the judge must assume the case not only keeping in mind that expressed one literally in the body to bequeath but, also, his sense and purpose, that is to say, the concrete social content that the penal norm expresses, to what we call judicial interpretation. On the other hand as doctrinal or scientific interpretation they are considered the studies, comments, etc. carried out by investigations and scientific works.

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In which of the Categories of Illegal Organizations is this crime?

The illegal Organizations understand 3 categories: Criminal organizations, Terrorist Organizations and illegitimate Political Party. Although it is certain that many gentlemen bosses, hidden or not, of grateful Mafias internationally, like part of their double life have had certain participation in Political Party or they have influenced in the politics of their country, the Mafia doesn't belong to the third of the mentioned categories, but to the first one, this crime is understood inside The Criminal Organizations.

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