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Before any legal litigation that faces, it is rather convenient the advice of a professional that helps him to solve their problem. The correct selection of a lawyer is decisive for the development of his/her conflict; since he/she is the qualified personnel to be standing before any case, to communicate his/her will and to offer a positive answer to the massaged possibility to the situation. For he/she can request our services, because we have a well- qualified and efficient team, willing to make to be worth their rights before the help of the Law and to represent it, without caring the area or specialty to which their condition corresponds.

What are the characteristics in which we are identified?

Our lawyers possess legal competition to exercise the profession in the Italian territory. Another element that distinguishes us is related to the language, since we dominate the Castilian perfectly, we facilitate the treatment with the English speaking clients that only speak Spanish, since they don't need of the intervention of an interpreter. We also have international experience, that bases our quality on each one of the services that we offer, since we also dominate the practice more than the theory, which is fundamental in delicate questions as for example the relative matters to Immigration, since not all the lawyers have the same capacity to treat matters like: deportations, citizenship processes and of visa obtaining, labor litigations and other similar ones.

You can also subscribe agreements with our expert lawyers to provide the citizen an artificial defense of high quality to a reasonable price. These lawyers, by virtue of the subscribed agreement, they can reduce their honorarium gradually to facilitate the access to the justice to all the citizens, mainly to the English speaking, and always maintaining the quality of all the services. Even if the client's economic situation is very delicate, it could be financed the cost of the professional honorarium in such a way that can assume them.

Everything collaborates to the effective development of their judicial process, since we offer in all moment to defend their right and their one love ones’ before any court. Certainly for many English speaking, find highly to consent to an establishment with these characteristics and that it also has English speaking personnel, since we cannot identify ourselves alone with their legal or artificial necessity, but also with their history and roots. All of it means a support to the English speaking community that faces legal problems common to all the citizens, diverse discrimination attacks outside of their territory for reason of their nationality or their emigrant condition.

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What juridical services can we toast in our entities?

In our companies we can offer juridical services to the Spanish-speakers very dissimilar in the penal, civil and mercantile environment. We offer a financial consultation in all related to the market, instructing on the main mercantile activities in the State. We also offer a literate defense before the penal or civil accusations, representing the interests of our clients in the rooms of the different tribunals as it corresponds.

We can help him among other, in the processes of: Routine procedures of Execution of sentence foreigner in Italy, or of Italian sentences in other countries, Demands of Compensation for damages and damages in Italy, Right of Family: Divorce between Italian and foreign, Compensation for contract No fulfillment, Compensation for responsibility extra contractual, real estate Problems, Steps related to the goods and the heritage: sale and purchase, donation, etc, Matters of the Social security, international Subtraction of smaller, Testaments in Italy, Attendance to the prisoners in Italy, Immigration and emigration, the foreigners' Rights, Crimes against people, Crime of drugs, Crime against the property, association Crimes, Bleach of money, Extradition, condemned people's Transfer

Why should we be contacted before a legal conflict?

In the many cases you as citizen ignore the laws that aid their rights and for it is hindered the execution of the same ones, questions that are of a remarkable complexity also exist and they require a correct legal consultation that guarantees the knowledge and the experience unquestionably in the I traffic juridical, to find a solution road to the situation that is faced. It is always positive to have the approach and the legal recommendations of a lawyer, mainly if this is an expert in the matter in the one that you need help, he/she will be able to this way to clarify him on dissimilar rules and procedural details that you ignore and that they are very important to solve their question appropriately.

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If he/she needs information, attendance or legal consultation, don't doubt to contact us, because we assure him that his case will be treated with the seriousness and responsibility that it requires. Our services are characterized in offering a quick and efficient attention, for what we will be able to find a direct solution to their legal situation through our offices. Also our personal is made up of graduates that possess a vast domain of the theory, the doctrine and the practice, and they include everything in the development of their profession, the passion and the necessary zeal.

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