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According to the World Organization of Health, the drugs are substances (therapeutic or not) that once they are introduced in the organism by any via, they are capable of interact with the central nervous system, causing in the person that consumes it, an alternation in the behavior and a modification in the psychic state that induces the consumer to an uncontrollable necessity of continuing consuming this substance, with a gradual increment of increase of the doses as the tolerance of the organism is increased.

All those people who cultivate, elaborate or traffic with this type of narcotic substances before the law, they incur in the crime of drug traffic.

There are many people that before desperate economic situations, they fall into the traffic of drugs as a possibility to leave this crisis. Some make it taking small quantities to few blocks, others run bigger risks, introducing them in their organism to transport them from a country to another one, passing controls tariff and exposing to die for overdose.

Many of them ignore the dangers to those that are exposed; others have total conscience of what they make. But at the end none of these people keep in mind the enormous social damage that they carry out, giving possibility to the youth who is attracted by this type of addictive substances that lead them to physical, psychological damages and the premature death.

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When we speak of traffic of drugs, it is possible that our first thought takes us to countries like Colombia or Mexico, where the fact of being stopped by consumption or traffic of drugs takes a smaller penal sanction in dependence of the fact or the busy quantities.

But did you know that countries exist in the world in those which to be stopped by possession or traffic of drugs is considered as an attack against the integrity of the youths and it can imply sanctions that go from life imprisonment to the death penalty?.

In this case countries like China Indonesia, Singapore, Catar, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. And still, under the intervention of the government of people who have been stopped by this crime type, it has not been possible to change the sanction that has been settled down for the convicts, because in these countries it is primordial that an exemplary condemnation that impedes the repetition of this type of behaviors exists.

Do you imagine, although it is by mistake, accused of drug traffic in these countries? Better we don't think of that possibility, but for that same reason, let us be watchful with our handbag, even if what we take is not of great value and do we think that anything won't happen if we leave it for a moment next to the seat in which we were to take a fair coffee to some few meters or imagine that somebody takes advantage of the opportunity to allow dropping a package in our handbag after studying that our intellectual behavior is the perfect covering for not to get the attention and to pass the controls in an unnoticed way?

Does he find the situation strange? No, he does not, there are people who approach to you, they strike a conversation, they seem friendly and after this attitude a double meaning could exist. What risk can it be bigger for them than the danger to the one who are already exposed when transferring illegal substances?

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And what if he already made the error? If at the moment he/she left neglected by some seconds his handbag and in the twinkling of an eye you are surrounded, interpolated and treated as a drug dealer?

We know that it is easy to say it and difficult to make it, but above all you will owe to keep calm. Remember that to respond in bad form, to attack to the authority or to be shown not very cooperative it won't help him in the absolute thing, these actions even can in a later stage to be considered as added difficulties. Of equal form, to repeat over and over again that that baggage doesn't belong to him, neither will it be something believable if the cameras of security of the whole place can show the opposite.

His best option in that case is in a kind way, to request the immediate services of a lawyer (either his lawyer or a public defender), not to respond to the questions that are made to him until he is before an expert of the law willing to assume his defense and only before his lawyer, to expose in a coherent way all the facts, trying to remember that chronologically made and that it could take him to be in this situation.

It is necessary that in all moment, keep in mind that the ignorance of the law doesn't exempt him, in any place of the world in the one that is, the execution of the law, therefore, to speak and to act without knowledge of what it happens to his surroundings, it might be a fatal error.

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