Guides for Detainees on Laundry of Money

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The Money laundering is considered one of the most popular illicit financial activities and exercised in the last decades, and this activity is a crime typified in the Law, for which is regulated ticket hardships or privation of the freedom. For what the citizens need knowledge in this respect and a guessed right legal consultation that it allows them to face any case of detention for this crime.

Why is it called Money laundering?

The laundry of money consists on a group of actions and procedures that are carried out with the objective of distorting the real origin of the capital, that it seeks to feign that certain quantities of money were obtained as a result of certain completely valid economic activity and according to the Law, to hide the true form in which that patrimony was obtained, since obtaining road is illicit and contrary to the right which is denominated “laundry of money”, because it is homologated these actions to a process of ¨filtering¨ or ¨cleaning ¨ money.

How does this type of criminal facts work?

These processes have in clear their unique and primordial purpose, to hide and to disguise the money to use it later on without damages, therefore that is obviously a resource highly exploded by the big economic magnates or for people who manage or produce a lot of quantity of money. This is really a very, but very old practice, for nothing it has been from the modern time as many they believe, the truth is that in the step of the years new techniques have been developed to carry out these actions and those have already been perfected.

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In synthesis the most basic actions in the laundry of money are: The Placement, The Stratification and The Integration. The first one consists on the conversion of the money obtained illegitimately in assets taken place by a legitimate source, in the practice this action is generally materialized, through a process in the one that is carried out a deposit from this money to a bank bill already existent that responds to a company or legally constituted society. This besides being the initial step, also it turns out to be the moment of more risk, since it is proven that it is when the criminals run the biggest danger of being detected by the authorities.

The second step consists on an evasive strategy, since dissimilar transactions are made to place the money in destinations far from its starting point, which is highly suspicious, since it is carried out transactions of a bill to other, practically without any reason and in a very accelerated way, or in its defect it is carried out the purchase of highly valuable properties in different countries. And the third process is the eminent one, which allows the execution of the initial objective, since it serves for nothing for those who seek to wash the money, to have it accumulated or invested in properties, but rather its main end is to circulate those assets, without danger of being accused by its illegitimate origin, therefore it is on this stage when the integration is made from the money to the active fellow's economy, so in many occasions they usually invest it in legal business or in the constitution of different societies or foundations that generate much more capital, because the end of all east processes is the lucre.

To what crimes is the Money laundering generally linked?

In all the cases, it is sought to wash the produced money or obtained by some crime, but in supremacy cases that are more linked to this process, mainly in the matters of crimes with economic and financial profiles, since he finds very necessary ¨to purify ¨ the assets that take place, because they are very lucrative and speculative business, therefore there are crimes that practically have an inseparable relationship with this, like it is the case of the crime of Drug traffic, the crime of Fiscal Fraud, the Crime of Smuggling, the Crime of illegal sale of Weapons or The Crimes related to kidnappings and people's traffic.

If he is informed of an accusation against him or if he is stopped what should he/she make?

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The first thing that you should make is to look for the attendance of an expert, a professional's who indicates him that your work should and should not be carried out, since a step in false, you can detonate a bomb on you. He should also gather all the information that allows to corroborate his history, either accounting books or files of bills, with the assets and passive up-to-date, he/she should also have completely dominated the information on his clients and supplying and once knowing the basic actions of the laundry of money, he/she should have taken into consideration any movement that fences to carry out with his assets, he can execute some act that generally in other circumstances would not cause any affectation, but in his position he can be suspicious and generate a numberless of investigations against him, therefore it is of supreme importance to keep safe his cash.


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