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Every time the accusations of Money laundering are more frequent in European countries, where it is calculated in agreement with public made statistics for the International Monetary Fund that every year it is washed thousands of trillion dollars that come from traffic of drugs, traffic of weapons, prostitution, smuggling, robbery and graft of funds, among other origins.

Before an accusation of this type to some individual, Bank, company, it will be indispensable the consultation and legal defense, in those that the lawyers of our offices, specialized in all the related to that complex fact that constitutes an illegal activity which will trace an appropriate strategy, with the purpose of clarifying all the edges of the fact and to leave very clear if there is some responsibility or the innocence of the one accused.

Although it is certain that international regulations have been dictated so that that crime doesn't proliferate, cases of banks are given that they don't inform about doubtful financial transactions, with the result that has gotten worse and hardened in Europe the directive ones to go after those cases and to take them to be processed by the justice.

For that reason, to have the attendance of a qualified lawyer and expert in the analysis, clarification and defense of having been accused by such a crime is extremely important. Don't make the error if you are accused, either, personally, or as a representative of a business, a company, a bank, in going to our offices, with representation in all the European countries.

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It is considered that the drug traffic generates thousands of millions of dollars or Eurus annually where those who possess it try to whiten and to introduce it in the financial systems, acquiring actions, in such a way that in occasions the Banks don't end up detecting that it has an illicit origin.

In such cases it can happen that a bank branch is involved in an action of Money laundering coming from the drugs and its directive are stopped with the purpose of processing them for that crime. So much the one who is innocent as much as the guilty who is entitled to be attended by a lawyer. Our lawyers can offer him a consultation and defense with all the technical rigor that that fact demands.

They are same prone to be implied as presumed transgressors the proprietors of halls of games, bars and restaurants, those that act in real estate business, of the construction, since traditionally those spheres take as "lids" for the Money laundering coming from drug traffic.

If you, a relative, a friend in Europe is implied in that crime, require our juridical services, and have the guarantee of highly qualified lawyers, with double training and experts of more than a language.

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Although it is not easy to specify an exact figure, it is known that every year thousands of millions of Eurus are about being washed in countries of Europe, because they come from illegal business, sale of weapons, extortions, prostitution, and equally of new roads that have arisen in that fraud like they are the games of chance by means of internet and the manipulation of game machines.

With the result that the hardening of the directive ones to face that crime of bleach of capitals in Europe is bigger everyday in English-speaking nations for example, but also in Germany the Italian mafias try to wash their capitals, and therefore the detentions are every day more frequent and necessity of legal defense. For that reason it is necessary to add that this crime is associated with the maintenance of the terrorism and it is pursued by its implications, just as the things we have seen in the last times.

It happens that in an unconscious way or not, some owners of companies that are insolvent accept an injection of money that comes from illegal business and that they look for the whitening of that capital. That proprietor can be accused and turned in the face of the justice to respond before such facts.

Another form of washing money is by means of emission funds. Anyway to the suspicious of being involved in that crime and to be detained, it will require of the attendance of a lawyer, therefore we put at your disposal the services of our offices.

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Our lawyers are highly qualified and they can give guaranteed attendance on the event of laundry of international and federal money, as well as in electronic transfer of funds, because they have the technical rigor and the necessary ethics to face the consultation and defense in cases that constitute true challenges for their complexities.

The lawyer of our offices with representation in all Europe who assumes the case will be based on the facts, leaving of the knowledge of the most frequent criminal activity of which the Money laundering proceeds, like they can be the drug traffic, fraud or extortion, illegal traffic of weapons, prostitution or terrorism.

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