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Europe is not exempted of cases of money laundering, on the contrary, it is a more and more notorious fact and it not implies only to individuals, but also to Banks, proprietors of game rooms, real estate agents and others in which it constitutes a crime that has been qualified as the last step in a stairway of obtained money in an illegal way, but by means of diverse ways it passes to integrate the financial flow legally.

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It is not necessary to hide that the consultation and a penal lawyer´s defense in cases of having been stopped by money laundering that are complex, given the category of this serious crime, but in our offices we have lawyers specialized in criminal law who are able to attend an implied and to guide the legal process in a satisfactory way, because the detainee is not sometimes guilty and although he was entitled to have an expert that represents him.

To guide the investigation in an appropriate way, achieving the biggest cooperation of their represented to investigate all the edges of the fact for which is accused and to really determine their responsibility or innocence, it is something that a lawyer of our offices knows how to manage with technical rigor and ethics to all test, with representation in all Europe.

In the European countries, there are regulations and services of prevention of money laundering and monetary infractions and every time the controls are bigger, because that crime leads equally in some cases to financing of the terrorism, with the result that the one implied in such facts can receive severe condemnations if his participation is proven. He will find attendance of the juridical services of supreme importance.

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With the guarantee of a service of urgencies we offer a quick attendance, with lawyers specialized in defense by bleach of money who will be able to go to attend the detainee, to advise him, to assure because their constitutional rights are respected and be illustrious if it exists fraud or deceit about the origin of that money, presumably "black."

Because it will be indispensable to determine if the funds that gave place to the detention come from drug traffic, it is about people, sale of weapons, corruption, embezzlement, fiscal fraud, crimes of white glove, public graft, extortion, illegal work, terrorism, prostitution and it has maneuvered in such a way that it has passed to form the legal economic flow.

It has been questioned if it is really licit that the lawyer who represents an individual or institution or business involved in money laundering who charge his honorarium of a bottom that constitutes unearned money.

It has been illustrious that the literate penologist doesn't make a crime when receiving his pay after defending to an individual or accused institution of bleach if it is limited to act as a lawyer in his client's defense, to be procedural or advisable.

Our offices, starting from the premise that their function is to attend legally those who require his services and the technical rigor sustained in the professional ethics, they assume those cases with all the procedural guarantees.

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A guaranteed juridical service, with high specialization in Penal Right, the lawyers of our offices are the ones who will assume their client's defense, either it is procedural or advisable when they have been stopped by the crime of money laundering.

They will keep in mind when assuming the case if they are proven or not the integrative behaviors of that type of transgression. as they have been the acquisition, conversion or transmission of goods, with knowledge or not about the source of which they come which they constitute a serious crime.

A modus operandi of the capital bleaches is based on buying and selling investment articles, to carry out transactions toward other nations, being worth of fiscal paradises, to invest in the real estate sector, in the construction, in the hostelry (bars, restaurants, game rooms), in the construction and in fictitious companies.

The lawyer penologist will assume those cases and he will investigate if the infractions bear serious legal consequences, which prison punishment can be dictated against the person implied, ticketed or seizure of his goods, the temporary or definitive closing of the business in question, all this will evaluate him when assuming his advice and defense.

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Assisting to the edges and incidental of the fact for which it was dictated the detention and the individual's investigation and the inculpated company, of his characteristics; the lawyer will trace his strategy to take the case.

Our offices have lawyers that fulfill a proven professional rigor the consultation and defense that develop in the representation of the persons who hire them and they offer a personalized attention, looking after the respect to the concerning thing with the procedural guarantees, as well as with the Fundamental Rights, with matter zeal in the execution of the Right to the Presumption of Innocence.

Don't stop us to go in case it requires our services, we guarantee him an excellent artificial attendance.

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