People accused of drug trafficking crimes, what rights do you have?

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The detentions of people accused of drug trafficking activities are quite frequent at present times; most of the people involved these cases don’t know about the right they have. With the result that the advice and defense from the criminal lawyer is indispensable to enforce what is established in the law.

Sometimes, when arriving in airports of European countries, foreigners are detained; sometimes it is true that they are guilty of that crime against the health, but there are also cases of innocents. Either as a victim or a real delinquent, they all have the right to receive a judicial proceeding based on procedural guarantees.

Policemen and guards of European frontiers tend to be prejudiced against travelers just because of their ethnic profile, the way they dress, or speak, the color of their skin, and in an indiscriminate way, they treat them as if they have infringed any migratory law or have been involved in drug-trafficking actions, resulting in a detention, which gets complicated for many travelers when ignoring the language of the country to which they have arrived.

A lawyer specialized in Criminal Law, Penal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution will be able to assist the person accused of drug trafficking and he will assure the enforcement of his rights. If the accused is foreigner the authorities must give him certain guarantees in the process.

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The assistance of a lawyer is extremely important, because he will ensure the detainee the immediate designation of an interpreter in case he is a foreigner and he doesn't speak the language of the country where he was captured. Also, he will make sure that accused testifies in his and the interpreter´s presence, that everything will be printed truthfully and without changes that distort and that the alleged offender will have this document.

The lawyer will also verify the fulfillment of the detainee´s right, by which the consulate of his country and his relatives must be informed. He will keep an eye on the way that the authorities participate and how weak or nonexistent their assistance to people detained on the accusation of drugs trafficking is.

Although it is true that they don't have a large budget to cover those cases, they must have a more active performance in these situations in order to guarantee what is within their reach and that the rights of the person involved are fulfilled, as specified in the documents of the Geneva Convention, since through diplomatic procedures he can assure that at least the minimum rules of all procedure are applicable to the trails against foreigners.

The criminal lawyer, in case of condemnations that include the extradition, will check if his client is found guilty, if there were correct procedures.

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In a situation where you, a relative or a near friend is involved in some circumstance of confusion because of a presumed drug-trafficking activity in an airport, train or bus station, or in another place in Europe, request the juridical services of our lawyers immediately, with a high qualification and experience in Criminal Law, Penal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution, either if you are a national one or a foreigner. With our consultancy and defense you will have the guarantee that your rights are fulfilled.

Because many detainees on that crime ignore the key elements that the lawyer who assumes his case masters and he can conduct him through the most appropriate way to the acquittal or the minimum pain.

You should not forget that each country has Articles in its Penal Code that define the drug traffic as a serious crime that affects the human health and can also bring with it problems related to the lack of civic-mindedness, acts of violence, traffic of weapons and people, homicides, laundering of capitals, etc.

But, in spite of all this, the accused of drug-trafficking actions have rights that the authorities must fulfill, nevertheless the assistance form a lawyer will represent a guarantee so that this becomes a reality.

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The detainee is the right to claim of the policeman or civil guard, the presence of a lawyer to testify before him and to receive the appropriate advice.

Also, his lawyer must determine if the detention was carried out from an official warrant, the reason for which they carried it out and if the detainee agreed, under pressure, to the search for the alleged drug.

If there is a violation in the aforementioned rules, the detainee will entitled to, after his lawyer makes it quite clear that the violations really existed, the nullification of the evidences found on the case.

The lawyer expert on advice and defense for cases of drug trafficking can conduct the process favorably and also enforce one precise right of his clients: being released on parole until the trial, depending on how involved the offender is.

Also, the accused has the right of having a qualitative or quantitative analysis on how harmful the confiscated substance is; also considering if it is one of the so-called “soft” less aggressive drugs or one of the “hard” ones, much more harmful.

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