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I am specialist lawyer in the penal discipline; I assist cases so much national as international, since I practice the profession in a versatile and very constant way. In the time that I take exercising the profession, I have acquired knowledge and other professionals' experience that undoubtedly some of them contribute from a very positive way to my acting in the practice.

What is a lawyer penologist?

In the environment of the Right different workspaces exist in those that the graduates can specialize to exercise the profession. These areas are the matters Civilian, Mercantile, Industrial, Financial and Economic, Artificial, Notarial, International Public and Private Consultation, Emigration, Immigration and Alienage, Labor and Prison among others.

The lawyer penologist, is that who develops his function specifically in the discipline of the Penal Right that embraces the group of norms that solve the conflicts that are derived of the human behavior, created by the State and that they serve from orientation to the judges when imposing the pain. For what it is a branch of the Public Right that regulates the punitive imperium of the State, associating to facts, strictly certain for the law, like budget of a pain, measure of security or correction like consequence.

Is the language an important element between the lawyer and his client?

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It is really an element of momentous importance, since the conversations and meetings between the lawyer and his representative as they don't need of an interpreter, who favors very much to the development of the case, since you can arrive easily to the understanding. I can indicate him this way the different questions to carry out in a clear and precise way, for that if he/she has had difficulties in other offices of lawyers, because they don't speak English, he/she can request my services, with the guarantee that it won't present that type of problems.

In what type of circumstances can he/she request my services?

If he faces some accusation against him, related to any crime regulated in the Penal Code, or if it is detained for the same causes, he can have the consulting services and representation that I toast. In a same way, if he faces some cause and he is outside of his territory or he/she needs legal attendance for a case of International Extradition or Execution of sentence foreigner, well be for you or your relatives. Because the main objective is to offer a correct representation that makes be worth his right to the defense, preserved as one of the fundamental rights in the legislations of the different countries.

What is a crime?

It is considered crime all action or socially dangerous omission prohibited by the law as a lower warning of a penal sanction. It is not considered a crime the action or omission that, gathering the elements that constitute it, even lacks of social danger for the scarce entity of their consequences and the author's personal conditions.

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Crimes also exist in those who according to the maximum limit of the applicable sanction, the acting authority is authorized for, instead of remitting the knowledge from the fact to the tribunal, to impose the offender an administrative ticket, whenever in the commission of the fact scarce social danger is evidenced, so much for the offender's personal conditions like for the characteristics of the fact indeed and his consequences.

Which is the difference between an intentional crime and a crime for imprudence?

The crime can be made intentionally or for imprudence. The crime is intentional when the agent carries out conscious and voluntarily the action or socially dangerous omission and she has wanted her result, or when, unintentionally the result, foresees the possibility that she takes place and assumes this risk. The crime is made by imprudence when the agent foresaw the possibility that the socially dangerous consequences of his action or omission took place, but he/she waited, with nimbleness, to avoid them, or when not foreseeing the possibility that took place although he/she could or should have foreseen them.

If, as a consequence of the action or omission, he/she takes place a more serious result that the lover, decisive of a more severe sanction, this is only imposed if the agent could or should foresee this result.

On what does the Penal Responsibility consist?

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With the objective of protecting to the society, to people, to the social, economic and political order and the state régime; of safeguarding the property recognized in the Constitution and the laws; of promoting the exact observance of the rights and the citizens' duties; and of contributing to form in all the citizens the conscience from the respect to the right system, the Penal Code establishes different behaviors like attributable of a sanction and for generating ends of penal responsibility.

The penal responsibility is obliged to natural people and juridical people. The penal responsibility is obliged to the natural person starting from that the ¨peal age ¨ completes in the moment to make the punishable act and juridical people are penally responsible for the crimes foreseen in the Code or in special laws, made inside the own sphere of this juridical people's action, when they are perpetrated by their representation or for their associates' agreement, without damage of the individual penal responsibility in that the authors or accomplices have incurred in the punishable fact.


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