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Our office of lawyers takes charge of lending juridical services of advice and defense, in all the cases that are presented day by day in the society. We assist people of all the social classes and with the more dissimilar cultures, always manifesting since the excellence and quality in the work that we carry out, has an excellent team of committed professionals completely with their work, with the objective of achieving satisfactory results for the condition of our clients.

On what does our work consist?

In first our order services consists on offering a good artificial Consultation, by means of which we guide the clients and we offer them our professional opinion on their situation, indicating them in some cases which the most feasible, economic and less bureaucratic road is to carry out certain juridical act or which the means are to materialize their will and in other case the orientation goes guided to indicate them which the best decision is to take according to Right from their position, when he/she has several options and he/she doesn't know for which to decide.

We also offer services of legal representation in all the cases of detentions and accusations against them, in order to satisfy our client's interest, offering judicial guides in the process with the maximum guarantees of quality, making be worth the Right to the defense of all accused. This way they cover the necessities of our representation that concerns their representative.

Does some difference exist between an occupation lawyer and the lawyers in our offices?

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The occupation lawyer is a professional of Right that has all the qualities to exercise as such, but contrary to the lawyers of our office you won't be able to select him, but rather he will be assigned by an authority, whenever the literate representation is a requirement if it is not (indispensable) in his process. What happens in these cases if you don't have the opportunity to appreciate this lawyer's professional quality, at least he/she has a previous knowledge about the practical experience and although that occupation lawyers exist with an unquestionable preparation, it is also a reality that one is not able to make sure this characteristic.

While the professional's election that represents them is in their hands, it will always be guessed right in their opinion. He/she will also be able to appreciate always for yourself by means of a closer treatment, the demand level that we have in our offices, we try with clarity when explaining the situation, prioritizing the honesty in all moment, without mitigating the options that he/she has, but showing them which their real condition is, without hesitations. We offer this way in all the cases an agreement resolution to that outlined previously, and even more than that waited. Therefore she/he has an excellent attendance as much in the Police station as in the tribunals.

In what legal circumstances can he/she request our service?

If he is facing some legal problem and he/she doesn't know how to solve it, even if he feels disoriented, since by reason of his legal condition, he has lost his work, his family, his money, and he/she has thought of escaping from the country and even much worse things, don't doubt to contact us, it is the suitable situation to consent to our services, because we will make vouchers his labor, civil and penal rights. It doesn't care if he/she doesn't understand of Right; all that we speak with you from the first day will leave completing gradually.

In a same way if his case is about a false accusation, we can help him to clean his name and image, because we assist cases of all nature, Immigration, Alien age and Home, of Family and Relationships of Vicinity, Civil and Penal Conflicts and all case related to smaller things. We also offer Financial, Mercantile consultation, of Industrial Property, among others. We don't offer this way more than the integrality in the services that we toast.

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Which are the rights that as our client we will make him are worth?

We won't allow that under any circumstance the rights are violated, those that the Law grants them in their detainee condition or accused. As it is the right to be part in the penal procedure, to request investigation diligences, the right to be put in freedom or to judicial disposition in the term that establishes the Law after the detention. The right to the presumption of the innocence and the supposition foreseen in the law. The right to be informed on the accusation and not to be admitted guilty or to declare against himself. The right unless imprisoned without adjusted judicial decision to right and to have medical care, or to be attended by an interpreter and the right to the inviolability of the home, except for judicial resolution as well as the right to communicate another person the detention and the right to the resources and the second instance. Of course the Right to not suffering torture or degrading treatments


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