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Every time they are bigger the indexes of prisoners and stopped by the crime of traffic of drugs, in fact they have become the figures impressive quantities, that which produces without a doubt some an impact in the work that we exercise as professionals of the Right. Our office of lawyers resides in Spain and we take charge of offering very diverse juridical services, among those that he/she is the attendance for the crime of Traffic of drugs. For what can find in our offices legal orientation on their situation and an excellent literate representation.

Can it be condemned if he/she is devoted to the mere transport of illegal drug?

The crime of Traffic of drugs understands the cultivation, traffic, possession and illegal promotion of drugs, as well as to favor or to facilitate the illicit consumption of the same ones. For it if a person is devoted to transport the drug illicitly, he/she also incurs in this crime. Therefore he/she needs urgent legal collaboration, and our community of lawyers can attend him in the best way, with the zeal and attention that his case requires.

What crime type is this?

This crime is classified as Crime against the public health, since the measures or dispositions are infringed dictated by the competent sanitary authorities for the prevention and control of the transmissible illnesses and the programs or campaigns for the control or eradication of illnesses or serious or dangerous epidemics of character, as well as to avoid the illicit propagation of substances narcotics, like it is the case of the Traffic of drugs.

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How does the Law regulate this crime?

In a general case, without aggravation neither attenuation, if the substance has a harmfulness classified as ¨serious damage¨ (cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, etc.) the condemnation in prison oscillates from 3 to 6 years. If it is the traffic of a drug inside the group of those classified as ¨No serious damage¨ (cannabis: marijuana) the condemnation would be from 1 to 3 years of privation of freedom.

The basic figure of this crime consists on the cultivation of drugs, chemical substances or its elaboration, the traffic or promotion of this, in to favor or to facilitate the consumption, as well as to possess the drugs with these ends.

The Law also regulates aggravating circumstances of the crime, as the case in which the culprit is a public official, a social worker, or a professor, and she takes advantage of her profession to carry out the crime. If the drug is facilitated to smaller than 18 years, had diminished psychic or people in unusual treatment or if the quantity of drug is of "notorious importance", because the judges have determined a concrete quantity for each drug type that if it is surpassed, it will be considered of "notorious importance”. Also whether people who make the crime make it belonging to a criminal organization, whether they are used to smaller than 18 or had diminished psychic to make the crime, and whether ships, crafts or airships have been used to make the crime.

Does the penal politics of the country influence in the rigor of the condemnation?

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The penal politics in the country is not more than the address that is motivated to take the State, by reason of the conditions that concern to their society in that punctual moment. It is the process that can make decisions that are applied for all the citizens, by reason of a certain stimulant that is the increase of incidence in anti-juridical behaviors with certain social graveness and a notorious impact in the population, and that are sanctioned for the Penal Code, that which is appreciated as a result of studies that through the command of the political power is carried out. This ability responds to the capacity of the State to distribute and to execute the power as it is necessary to guarantee the very common one in the society.

The important thing regarding this topic is when the penal politics settles down to certain crime with character of having prioritized, to fulfill the elements mentioned already, what requires a worsening on the part of the judicial authorities in the punishment to this behavior, with the purpose of avoiding that it keeps spreading. This is undoubtedly the case of the crime of Traffic of Drugs, for that that if it is linked in some penal process by this matter, it is necessary the presence of a lawyer, so that it looks after the integrity in the process, that is to say that as his representatives we have the command of making his cause the more according to possible Right, for what we won't allow any treatment increased against him, but there of what the penal laws allow.

How do we work in our Office?

We face any case of this nature without prejudices on the graveness or complication of his situation. Certainly we trust each one of the lawyers who integrate our entity; because they are literate with vast practical experience and that they possess an unquestionable domain of the doctrine, not only national, but also strange, because we work with the purpose of achieving an integral preparation in each one of our professionals. For what we offer agile, organized and with a lot of seriousness services which treat his matter in a particular way and analyze to detail each element of his situation.


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