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In the world and specifically in Europe it is registered an increment of cases of detention and imprisonment for diverse crimes that include equally to the drug traffic, in those that there is a strong presence of foreigners, a fact that implies without doubts that it charges outstanding importance the functions of those people's criminal lawyers defenders.

A criminal lawyer offers his services abroad to the detainee and he takes care that his rights are respected. This type of person is very vulnerable and many have a low profile in the socioeconomic aspect, many don't have criminal records but due to their precarious financial situation they are allowed to be captured by racketeers who use them in traffic of drugs or other crimes.

When assuming their case the lawyer will be interested in the particularities of the criminal procedure, the why and the form in which the detention was executed, the same as he will assure because immediate communication settles down with the consulate of his country, which represents an inalienable right. criminal lawyer france

The judicial authority will always have the obligation for the accused the presence of a lawyer so that he assumes the defense of the case, either particular or occupation.

The lawyer of the defense will make sure because the rights are completed of the one imputed, among them to put in knowledge of the situation as much to the consulate as to the family or person whom is designated and to allow the detainee to establish phone communication with a third that he himself determines, police's official being present or the one who is designated.

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Equally he will assure because the judicial authority allows the presence of an interpreter if the accused doesn't speak the same language of the country where he was stopped. Because it is required of the understanding on the part of the detainee of all that is imputed to give arguments to the lawyer with a view to their defense. He/she will always take care that misunderstandings don't arise in the translation.

With the result that he/she should settle down that the declaration records are read in a clear way and without errors of that exposed in the declarations on the part of the detainee before this the firm one, carefully that when being translated it has not incurred in errors that derive in damage of the one prosecuted.

He/she will be entitled that in the whole process, as well as to have the translation in writing in the declarations, the resolutions that determine the sentence and the prison if it were this way, with that which they will know in their language that referred to their process and he/she will be able to contribute to a better acting of the criminal lawyer's work in the advice and defense.

If he/she had an auditory incapacity or he was deaf he/she will also be facilitated that type of help. The language for signs would be the form of exchanging with him.

Those expenses will cover them the judicial authority that is responsible for the case.

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The detained foreigner will be entitled to them to visit him and to maintain correspondence and to communicate with officials of the consulate of his nation resided in the country where he is. The case can be given that he has two nationalities and if it was, he/she will be able to choose with diplomatic representation, he/she will want to establish communication.


The criminal lawyer defender of detainees abroad, in his consulting functions and a defense that is successful, he will have in a same way the ability to make sure because his represented is seen by a forensic doctor, whether he is from the center where he is detained or from some state dependence or public administration. criminal lawyer italy

Among the rights of the one imputed, just as it was explained previously, and for those who the lawyer should assure, to put in knowledge of the headquarters to consult of his country credited in the nation where his case is detained, but not only that so that he knows it that he is interested and supported on the related to the clarification.

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It has been demonstrated in numerous cases how it has been of great importance the consular attention, and some nations regulate it with appropriate normative that contribute to specify which the obligations of the officials of the consulate are abroad in the attention to detainees in their country.

The detainee's lawyer's penologist defender will be abroad with the same competition to see the related to the extradition to their country, if it is determined this way. And in this aspect the consular headquarters will also have a presence.

Lastly, if the criminal lawyer defender of a detainee abroad attended a detainee that has not arrived to most of age, he will have to see that all the procedural guarantees are completed and put on to the individual in question in charge of the section of smaller.

To the parents or the minor tutors they will be informed about the reasons of the detention and the place where he/she is.

The foreigner who is stopped in another country that is not his original one, he will have the advice and a criminal lawyer's representation that takes his case.


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