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Legal assistance to the detainee, international lawyer

Real Estate Solicitor

Do you know what the Legal Assistance to the Detained is? Do you know if all detainees have the right to request it?

The Legal Assistance is the right that the person who is accused of a crime has to have a fair process and a trial. It is a constitutional right of every citizen. And it comes to materialize when a lawyer ensures that each of the rights of the detainee is met from the beginning of the process (meaning that the detainee is properly informed of his rights, that he is informed of the reasons for his arrest, that at no time is the physical integrity of the detainee jeopardized, that self-incrimination due to ignorance is avoided, and that in general a legal process is carried out according to the proceedings).

Do you know what your rights are when you are arrested, even if detention has taken place in another country?

Drug cases, How to choose the best criminal lawyer?

Expert European Law Attorneys

Have you been charged with a crime related to drugs? How can you know what you should take into account to choose a good criminal lawyer to represent you?

Choosing a criminal lawyer is almost the same as choosing the doctor who will assist you in a surgical operation. In both cases, you are putting your life in the hands of a person you do not know.

When you come to the doctor with a pain and suddenly after a consultation they tell you that you need a surgical operation, do you doubt that the surgeon that the hospital has appointed is not the right one to save your life?

Legal Attendance Spain, Transport of Drugs Italy France

European Prisoner s Rights Law Lawyers

Every time they are bigger the indexes of prisoners and stopped by the crime of traffic of drugs, in fact they have become the figures impressive quantities, that which produces without a doubt some an impact in the work that we exercise as professionals of the Right. Our office of lawyers resides in Spain and we take charge of offering very diverse juridical services, among those that he/she is the attendance for the crime of Traffic of drugs. For what can find in our offices legal orientation on their situation and an excellent literate representation.

Can it be condemned if he/she is devoted to the mere transport of illegal drug?

The crime of Traffic of drugs understands the cultivation, traffic, possession and illegal promotion of drugs, as well as to favor or to facilitate the illicit consumption of the same ones. For it if a person is devoted to transport the drug illicitly, he/she also incurs in this crime. Therefore he/she needs urgent legal collaboration, and our community of lawyers can attend him in the best way, with the zeal and attention that his case requires.

Criminal counsel for detainees abroad

English Speaking Italian Attorneys

Do you have a relative or friend who has been arrested abroad? Do you know what you should do in these cases?

The first thing you should do when having the news that a member of your family or friend has been arrested abroad is to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country, and inquire about the consular assistance you may be given.

It is necessary to bear in mind that when facing a detention in a foreign country, there may be problems associated with a different culture, language or way of life and in these cases it is always good to emphasize that even if the person is only traveling on this country, this does not exempt him from being subject to the laws and legal procedures of it. This implies that neither the Consulate nor the Embassy can interfere in these procedures of foreign criminal law, nor revoke a sentence already passed, but at the same time, it can guarantee counseling and attention, especially in poor-condition cases.

International Extradition, Urgent Legal Attendance

European Shoplifting Lawyers

Each situation of International Extradition has a different and particular profile, for the delicate of this situation; it is required of experience and ability to develop with dexterity these cases. Our office offers services with a lot of excellence, if he is wrapped in a situation of this nature, he/she should know that we have a group of lawyers experts and qualified to represent him and to make be worth his rights.

What should he/she know on the International Extradition?

The judicial Extradition is an act that is carried out product of the cooperation among the State that is supported by some Treaty or bilateral Agreement and it is materialized by means of a judicial procedure in the one that the accused person or condemned by a crime according to the law of a State, it is given to another State, so that the penal process continues or the pending sentence is executed that has been imposed him.

Legal defense of foreigners detainees in Switzerland and Italy

European Real Estate

Are you a Spanish speaker? Do you live or plan to visit Switzerland or Italy in the near future? Can you imagine you could have a legal problem being in these countries? What do you know about the criminal system in them? How to act in that case? Whom you should turn to?

In any country where we are, if we do not speak their language, it is difficult to understand what they tell us or to make ourselves be understood. If we add to this that the topic of conversation is a legal problem of which we have little or no knowledge, mutual understanding becomes even harder.

It may be that from Italian to Spanish and vice versa there are very similar words and a Spanish speaker can understand or make sense of a conversation in this language. But what about Switzerland? Although it surprises you, in this country there are four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansch, but also, in many of the schools of this country, Spanish is being optionally taught.

Lawyers of foreigners arrested in Germany

Criminal Law Lawyers

Are you a foreigners resident or a visitor in Germany and for any reason has been arrested? Is it the criminal system in Germany like that of the rest of the countries in the European Union or are there any differences? Do you know your rights?

The criminal system in Germany is similar to that of the rest of the countries in the European Union. As in the rest of the EU countries, the capital punishment was abolished and life sentence is only applied to crimes that are considered as “very serious” crimes, as it is the case of murder.

Nevertheless, there are curious aspects in this criminal system: like the difference between assassination and homicide. For the latter the sentence is only 5 years of imprisonment, and to prove that the crime of homicide has not been ¨assassination¨ it is enough to consider that the action was not perpetrated in a treacherous or insidious way.

Crime of international traffic of drugs

European Assault Lawyers

In the current world, more than an enigma constitutes a chaotic reality the increase of the consumption of drugs, tendency that is manifested in the most dissimilar social groups, without distinction of race or age. This phenomenon without place to doubts comes accompanied by a disordered necessity that the consumers manifest of satisfying their bad habit, necessity that indeed it constitutes a direct stimulant to a numberless of criminal behaviors, as it is The International Traffic of Drugs.

- On what does this crime consist?

This criminal activity not alone understands the sale of the psychotic substances, but also the manufacturing or production, the distribution, the recycling and even the consumption of the same ones. Therefore the crime either consists on the active or passive participation in the habitual commercialization and with spirit of lucre or not of these substances. That is to say the carryover and collaboration to the drug trade by means of a third one, either an onerous or free heading.