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Lawyer of European Corporate criminal law

European Child Abduction Law Lawyers

At an international level, the battle against the corruption becomes an action of all the nations, in that which Europe equally has its regulations to prevent and to avoid that crime and in case it happens, to arrest the offender and to impose on him the corresponding sanctions, hence the assistance, the role of a lawyer specialized in European criminal law has a great importance.

The United Nations General Assembly promulgated in 2005 an international juridical instrument for fighting against corruption, undersigned by 182 countries, that defines, among the crimes generated by that calamity, the bribe, the traffic of influences, abuse of authority of government employees in the particular or private interests, money laundering, misappropriation of funds, illicit enrichment. Therefore, it establishes the observance, penalization and to application of the law, as well as the cooperation at international level in such crimes, coupled with the technical assistance and the exchange of information, because these events continue to increase around the world.

The European nations have dictated norms about requirements of the Penal Code as regards the normative execution, with convenient procedures that allow a company, its executives, employees and others associated, to guide themselves and to enforce the normative legal framework, including regulations and laws, internal policies to prevent ascribable-to-people transgressions.

Defense lawyer in cases of drug trafficking

European Rape Law Lawyers

We guarantee you an excellent advice and defense in cases of being detained under the accusation of drug trafficking; our offices have criminal lawyers of long experience and technical rigor to assist these cases. Don't hesitate to contact us; we have representation in all Europe.

Everyday detentions take place in airports, train and bus stations, in harbors, and other different places under the alleged crime of drug trafficking, and our lawyers know the most appropriate keys or arguments to define the defense strategy.

Professionals qualified in Criminal Law, criminal law and Law of Criminal Prosecution will consider aspects that will have a favorable impact on their clients situation as they are the form in which the police or gendarmes carried out the detention, based on the elements in contact with the alleged offender and with the authority, whether it was in an official way, any search took place under judicial order, and whether the detainee consented or not to the search.

British lawyer in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany

European Shell Company Lawyers

With a high technical rigor, excellence and professionalism, our offices with British criminal lawyers in Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany offer services specialized in the sphere of the Italian, Swiss, French, German penal law and their respective criminal laws and laws of criminal prosecution.

Their renowned qualification and their double collegiality, allow them, with their command of English, but also of the languages of those countries, to assume the consultancy and defense in cases of immigration, drug trafficking, inheritances, contracts, residence documents, accidents and family laws and others.

If you require of a British lawyer in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany that offers you a good legal advice on matters of litigations or a defense that guarantees the success in penal affairs, we offer you a personalized attention with our lawyers.

Lawyer for foreigners, Italy, Germany and France

European Firearms Law Lawyers

The amount of imprisoned Foreigners immigrants in Europe has become considerably bigger, according to the recent statistics in Italy, Germany and France, to mention some countries of this continent.

A criminal lawyer who advises and assumes the defense of those detainees has a particular importance, and for that assistance, there are specialized offices whose lawyers can take such cases to the most appropriate and favorable ending.

When thinking about the reason for this high percentage of prisoners coming from Foreigners countries, it is necessary to keep in mind that in the last years the entrance of immigrants has been widened out, and not only from that geographical area, but also from nations in war or with conflicts and also who migrate in search of an economic improvement and a more comfortable lifestyle than the ones available in their original countries; so sometimes they end up transgressing the laws.

Criminal lawyer Berlin, detention in the airport

European Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Travelers that are detained for several causes in some of the airports of Berlin, Germany, can have the quick and excellent consultancy and a defense from our qualified lawyers, with a renowned professionalism and ethic, which allows them to assume the case of their clients and lead them to a satisfactory solution.

A lawyer specialized in Criminal Law, Criminal law and Criminal Prosecution Law is in a position to offer a good service to who is arrested in an airport of Berlin on charges that go from violating the migratory norms to drug trafficking.

In order to fulfill the expectations of their clients, our offices have the best lawyers who will be show up immediately in the airport of the German capital where the detention has happened.

Defense criminal lawyer for detained people abroad

European Capital Markets Lawyers

In the whole world and specifically in Europe there has been an increase of cases of detention and imprisonment for diverse crimes that include drug trafficking, with a strong presence of foreigners, a fact that undoubtedly highlights the important role of the Criminal Lawyers that defend these people.

A Crime lawyer offers his services to detained people abroad and he enforces their rights. This kind of people are quite vulnerable and many of them have a low profile in the socioeconomic aspect, many of them have no criminal records but due to their precarious financial situation they make business with racketeers that use them in drug trafficking or other crimes.

When assuming your case the lawyer will be interested in the particularities of the penal procedure, the reasons and the way in which the detention was executed, also he will ensure that an immediate communication with the consulate of your country takes place, which represents an inalienable right.

Criminal Lawyer for Foreingners in Europe

European Mortgage Law Lawyers

With a high specialization, our office has criminal lawyers for Foreingners detained in Europe; who are able to take the process to the most favorable conclusion for their clients, because, regarding technical rigor, qualification, professional ethics and abilities, we have a remarkable place in the juridical services.

Every time it is more notorious and more considerable the number of immigrants that arrive in the European continent, looking for a better standard of living in societies with a higher general welfare, also there are those who come from countries at war, and from Latin America or other places of the world.

Those individuals not always have a legal status of permanence in the European nations in which they have arrived, because they entered the country using the actions of the traffic of people which leads to the Crime of Trafficking in Peoples, or through fraudulent marriages to nationals, or also by means of false documents through airports, where they are detained after the authority carries out the examination.