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Travelers that are detained for several causes in some of the airports of Berlin, Germany, can have the quick and excellent consultancy and a defense from our qualified lawyers, with a renowned professionalism and ethic, which allows them to assume the case of their clients and lead them to a satisfactory solution.

A lawyer specialized in Criminal Law, Criminal law and Criminal Prosecution Law is in a position to offer a good service to who is arrested in an airport of Berlin on charges that go from violating the migratory norms to drug trafficking.

In order to fulfill the expectations of their clients, our offices have the best lawyers who will be show up immediately in the airport of the German capital where the detention has happened.

Our offices have representation in all Europe, and they offer a guaranteed juridical service.

In accordance with published informations, Berlin has the highest criminal rate of Germany. Those numbers were released by the Federal Criminal Office and they also include the crimes registered in airports, where numerous people are detained every day.

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Although the article 22 of Federal Police Law gives police officers the authority to request and to explore passports or people's identification documents in airports and in other places of the German territory, as train stations or of bus stations, it is very frequent that officers get carried away by their intuition when seeing certain ethnic features and just for that reason they carry out the detention.

Such a proceeding has been very criticized by NGO´s and institutions that look after the human rights, defining this practice as a racial discrimination. Hence, it could happen that when a citizen of another nation crosses a frontier, through a Berlin´s airport could be considered suspicious due to his ethnic profile, and could be detained, which will result in the necessity for requesting the services of a criminal lawyer in order to clarify the situation.

A lawyer with experience will demonstrate that it is extremely wrong the decision of a gendarme to carry out the detention of a traveler only based on the dark color of his skin, the way he is dressed or how he speaks.

His professionalism will allow him to demonstrate that although the immigrants are regularly more exposed to situations for unknowing well the language, or for not having a qualification, it doesn't mean that they are prone to the crime or that they have entered the country in an illegal way.

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But in the same way that in the airports of Berlin there are cases of detentions of migratory nature, it is also common that the authorities in frontier detain people for drug trafficking, swindles, misappropriation, laundering of capitals, or things related to the usurpation of rights, tax evasion, a woman's alleged violation, cybernetic crimes, homicide, and others, in which the advice and a lawyer's criminal defense are necessary.

It is frequent the occurrence of the detaining for other acts that infringe on the effective juridical norms in Germany, such as the case of economic crimes, in relation to, among other elements, the forgery of payment instruments.

The lawyer's assistance will also have a supreme importance when the detainee doesn't speak the language and he will ensure that they facilitate him an interpreter and give him, printed and in his language, his testimony, without changing any part of its content.


If you are in a confused situation in some of the areas of Berlin´s Airport and the police officers proceed to perform a detention, don't hesitate to request the juridical services of our offices, specialized in Criminal Law, Criminal law and Criminal Prosecution Law. You will have the guarantee of an opportune consultancy and an efficient defense.

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There will always be a response to your call or to your guarantor´s or relatives interested in contracting the services of our lawyers, who have a high qualification, technical rigor, abilities and firm ethics, elements that will facilitate you the creation of an effective strategy in order to clarify the facts and bring the case to a good ending.

In a detention in any of the airports of Berlin, Germany, our lawyers can assume your consultancy and defense, looking after the observance of the procedural guarantees, as well as of the Fundamental Rights and the Presumption of Innocence Right.

We give a personalized treatment, because what matters to the lawyers of our offices is offering an excellence crime assistance, that won’t give a chance for mistakes in the clarification of the fact, fostering the maximum collaboration of the client to have elements that allow us to win the case.

Don't hesitate to contact us; we have representation in Germany and in all countries that are members of the European Union.

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