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International lawyer penologist, speaks English

Drug smuggling Lawyers Attorneys

I am specialist lawyer in the penal discipline; I assist cases so much national as international, since I practice the profession in a versatile and very constant way. In the time that I take exercising the profession, I have acquired knowledge and other professionals' experience that undoubtedly some of them contribute from a very positive way to my acting in the practice.

What is a lawyer penologist?

In the environment of the Right different workspaces exist in those that the graduates can specialize to exercise the profession. These areas are the matters Civilian, Mercantile, Industrial, Financial and Economic, Artificial, Notarial, International Public and Private Consultation, Emigration, Immigration and Alienage, Labor and Prison among others.

Legal defense of foreigners arrested in France

Car Accident Lawyers Attorneys

Are you foreigners, in France, and for some reason you have been arrested? What do you know about the French legal system? Is this legal system the same as it was a few years ago or has it recently been modified?

As a result of the attacks that happened in France in 2016, there were some reforms in the French Legal System to strengthen the fight against terrorism.

In the new reforms, prosecutors become the people who go on to lead the "preliminary investigation" of the case and have the power to send the suspects to court. It is also the prosecutors who must verify if the investigations carried out by the police were correctly conducted and in accordance with the procedures. And it is not possible to have access to the investigation file until this investigating process is done.

Juridical Consultation to Detainees for traffic of Drug

Portuguese Law Firm

In our office of lawyers we work cases of detentions daily for the crime of Drug traffic, being this one of the figures typified in Law like applicable of a penal sanction in reprehension. For that not only we dominate the theory accurately on the penal discipline and its processes, but rather we also have the cunning that has offered us the experience along these years of practice.

What is a Drug dealer?

Many consider that (Narco) is a person, although in the common use it is admitted this way, since in diverse occasions the term has been used homologating its meaning to that of Drug dealer that is who carries out the action of trafficking the drug certainly. But really Drug dealer's concept, either makes reference to an absolute phenomenon of the system of certain country that bears violence and delinquency, responding to an economic or political system. The case is that we cannot make reference to the traffic of drugs and its imminent consequences, without before revising the way in that one makes money in that territory and how it is organized the society of that country.

Criminal defense of the accused of distribution of narcotic, drugs

European Electricity Law Lawyers

Do you know what "narcotic drugs" are? Are narcotic drugs the same as psychotropic substances? Can you say that there are narcotics whose use and distribution are legally permitted? What would happen if for some reason you were responsible for distributing this type of substance?

Narcotics are defined as all of those substances whose consumption is legally prohibited because they affect the central nervous system and cause changes in people's behavior, leading to irreversible damage to health when their use is continued. As a general rule, narcotics are also substances that cause addiction, that is, those who consume them, feel every need to continue to do so, to the point that they begin to use them in increasing doses, and that in the end they can even cause death.

Although many people use the terms of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances indiscriminately, the meanings of both terminologies are not the same.

Criminal advice in case of homicides, criminal lawyers

European Oil And Gas Law Lawyers

The regulation of the crimes against the life and the corporal integrity, as it is the crime of Homicide has special importance for the prosperous and effective development of all society, now that our Office has a qualified and excellent group of lawyers who carry out their work representing a numberless of cases of this nature. Our services are good to advise and to represent people in this situation type, because we have an accepted approval at national and international level.

What reference does the crime of Homicide make to?

The crime of Homicide typifies when a person removes the life to another. The relationship of cause effect among the lesion taken place by the active fellow of the crime and the passive fellow's death, continues being a question that occupies the attention of the tribunals constantly, because of that bond it comes off the possibility to demand penal responsibility or not, besides influencing in other elements of supreme importance like they are in the aggravating or extenuating circumstances of the pain that would be imposed.

Crime of theft and illegal sale of luxury cars

European Shelf Corporation Lawyers

Do you have a high-end car? Do you know that in recent times the trend of luxury car theft has risen? How is it possible that in the era of electronic keys and GPS can a car be stolen and disappear within seconds before the eyes of the authorities without a trace? How is the modus operandi of the perpetrators of these robberies?

Indeed, everything points out that lately there has been an increase in the theft of high-end cars, also known as luxury cars. It seems that the brands are no longer very important: Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Nissan, everything will depend on market demand.

In many cases it is not a simple street robbery, no threats or robberies in the parking lots of the shopping malls, they do not take advantage of the fact that you left the keys in the car while you went down to refuel or to have a coffee.

Guides for Detainees on Laundry of Money

European Maritime Law Lawyers

The Money laundering is considered one of the most popular illicit financial activities and exercised in the last decades, and this activity is a crime typified in the Law, for which is regulated ticket hardships or privation of the freedom. For what the citizens need knowledge in this respect and a guessed right legal consultation that it allows them to face any case of detention for this crime.

Why is it called Money laundering?

The laundry of money consists on a group of actions and procedures that are carried out with the objective of distorting the real origin of the capital, that it seeks to feign that certain quantities of money were obtained as a result of certain completely valid economic activity and according to the Law, to hide the true form in which that patrimony was obtained, since obtaining road is illicit and contrary to the right which is denominated “laundry of money”, because it is homologated these actions to a process of ¨filtering¨ or ¨cleaning ¨ money.

International law firm of European criminal law

European Private Equity Law Lawyers

Do you know if there is a single Criminal System in the European Union? Are crimes considered equal? Do the accused receive the same punishment in all countries?

In the European Union, so far, it has not been possible to speak of a single and common Criminal Code to all its member states, although for that purpose it would be enough to establish some order, categorizing all types of crime, the sentences imposed and proceeding to recognize all the court rulings there are.

The creation of a unique Criminal Law in the European Union is necessary based on the fact that in the Treaty of Rome of 1957 there are no provisions covering the enforcement of unique laws to all countries members of this community, but rather territorial laws who respected the absolute sovereignty of each country.