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Do you know what "narcotic drugs" are? Are narcotic drugs the same as psychotropic substances? Can you say that there are narcotics whose use and distribution are legally permitted? What would happen if for some reason you were responsible for distributing this type of substance?

Narcotics are defined as all of those substances whose consumption is legally prohibited because they affect the central nervous system and cause changes in people's behavior, leading to irreversible damage to health when their use is continued. As a general rule, narcotics are also substances that cause addiction, that is, those who consume them, feel every need to continue to do so, to the point that they begin to use them in increasing doses, and that in the end they can even cause death.

Although many people use the terms of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances indiscriminately, the meanings of both terminologies are not the same.

Psychotropic substance is understood as legally permitted substances that help improve disorders of the organism (such as pain or discomfort). These substances are sometimes sold over the counter, there are others that are more controlled due to their characteristics and can only be sold under medical prescription.

There are countries such as the Netherlands and Germany where the consumption of a certain amount of cannabis is not considered illicit; yet, the distribution of this same substance is. However, in most countries, both the consumption and distribution of narcotics is illegal.

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Therefore, any person who distributes substances that are not legally permitted, will be exposed to being arrested by the police, accused and sanctioned according to the laws in force in the country where they have been arrested.

What should you do if you are arrested under the charge of distributing substances considered as narcotics?

Currently, the distribution of narcotics is considered a serious crime, therefore, if you are arrested under the charge of distributing this type of substance, it is always recommended that you be advised, from the first moment, by a criminal lawyer specialized in this type of crime.

The laws in most countries will grant you from the first moment of your detention, the right not to be self-incriminated, and not to answer the questions that are asked about the reason for your arrest, until you have had your first interview with the lawyer who will represent you and who will be responsible for your defense before the court.

What type of sanctions will a person accused of distributing narcotics could face?

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As a general rule, the sentences for distribution of narcotics are based on the type of drug, the amounts that are found to the accused and the geographical area in which the distribution is made. There are aggravating factors if the distribution is in educational centers, prisons, military units, if minors are involved among the people to whom these substances were distributed (or were intended to be the final objective), if in the event of distribution was included the use of weapons, etc.

Each country has its specific sanctions for the distribution of narcotics, and these can range from minimum penalties of fines and deprivation of liberty from 3 to 5 years, up to maximum penalties ranging from 20 years to life imprisonment and confiscation of all assets and properties and this will depend on the degree of the crime that has been committed.

When it comes to minor distributors, on many occasions, the prosecution offers deals to get to the real leaders of the drug trafficking organizations.

Will you need a lawyer who specializes in the distribution of narcotics if you are innocent of the charges against you? Will you need a lawyer if you plan to plead guilty?

A criminal lawyer specialized in the distribution of narcotics will be responsible for respecting the constitutional rights of the accused (whether or not guilty of the fact). Your defense attorney is the only person able to advise you when answering the questions that the prosecution will ask and even will be the one who will recommend what questions should or should not be answered.

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If you are innocent, you should bear in mind that criminal lawyers specializing in the subject you are accused of deal every day with cases that may be similar to the one you are facing at the moment, therefore they are the most suitable to refute the evidence presented by the district attorney's office or the way in which the process for obtaining these evidences has been carried out.

Otherwise, if you intend to plead guilty you should take into account that it is the lawyer the one who is able to make deals with the district attorney's office to reduce the sentences requested for this type of crime.

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