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Countries without extradition, expert lawyers in extradition

English Speaking Italian Attorneys

Is it possible to commit a crime in one country and flee to another to evade justice? Do you know what "extradition" is? Are there countries that do not extradite people who have committed a crime?

When a person commits a crime in one country and flees another to try to evade justice, there is always the risk that in the country he has arrived at they discover that he is an offender of a crime and that he be prosecuted and tried in that country or else he is sent back to the country where he committed that crime to be prosecuted and tried.

This process of being sent to the country in which the crime was committed is called "extradition". Extradition in legal terms is nothing but a legal proceeding in which the individual accused of the crime is returned to the country that accuses him for being tried and to serve his sentence.

Attendance in English to Foreign Detainees

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Our office of lawyers offers legal services for all the foreigners in the territory that face some conflict with the Law. We specialize our services in penal questions and we have lawyers experts in topics of procedures, detentions, accusations and all the actions that are developed in a process of this nature. Therefore they can contact us if they need any consulting type or legal representation.

How is the work politics in our office?

We have a very strict politics that regulates all our labor activity, for that not only we offer legal services, but rather our services have guaranteed the quality, agility and excellence in each one of the cases that we admit in our offices. If they want a mediocre service, definitively this it is not the ideal office to advise them, not only we represent their interests as our clients, but rather we also defend our integrity and dependability while we make it .That is why we have reached a respectable recognition among the other offices in the country.

Criminal expert in cases of international drug trafficking

English-speaking Attorneys

What do you know about the crimes linked to international drug trafficking? What are their sanctions? What are the guarantees for the accused of a crime of drug trafficking? How is it possible that the defense attorneys of this kind of crimes can win lawsuits against the prosecution even though these crimes are so persecuted by the authorities at an international level?

The crimes that linked to drug trafficking, as a general rule, are punished by severe penalties in most of the countries around the world.

These crimes are frequently associated with the so-called "money laundering". For this reason, the accused of this type of crime, often face sentences ranging from a minimum deprivation of liberty of 5 years to penalties that can even be life imprisonment, as well as fines of a considerable amount of money, which may also lead to the possible confiscation of property.

Attention to foreigners prisoners for Drug traffic

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When a person faces some condemnation against him or some measure of provisional insurance that remits it to a jail, he needs urgent legal consultation, because he/she has to be very well represented to be able to give an overturn to his situation or in his defect not to waste certain benefits that the Law grants him in his situation. Our lawyer office develops diverse services for people in this condition, because we have national and international experience and we specialize in the attention to the foreigners in the country that they face this situation for crimes of Drug traffic.

How is the crime of Drug traffic typified?

The crime of Drug traffic consists on the illegal commercialization of the drug or in the stimulating participation of this activity, without caring the way they used for it. That is to say that it is attributable of this crime any person that participates in the elaboration, buys, sale, storage, production or illegal consumption of any addictive toxic substance and narcotic that have a medical end in fact.

Legal support to the accused of drug trafficking

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Do you know what to do if you are accused of drug trafficking?

If you are accused of the crime of possession of drugs or drug trafficking, either for doing or selling them, only a criminal lawyer specialized in these issues can help you and determine what kind of defense may be applied in the imputation that is attributed to you if you plead not guilty.

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European Expropriation Lawyers

Hiring the services of an excellent defense attorney who is an expert in cases of drug trafficking in Europe is not only possible, but, if you see yourself, a family member or friend, involved in an investigation for crimes related to drug trafficking, this becomes a priority.

The defense attorney expert in drug trafficking cases deals with crimes that are different in many aspects to the rest of the criminal concepts that are included in the criminal codes, which makes him a professional that stands out within the guild.


Lawyer of Crimes of White-Collar Crimes

Slip And Fall Lawyers

We offer services of legal consultation and literate representation for all type of cases and crimes of White-Collar Crimes. We specialize in this type of topics and we do not practice only with the knowledge that we have acquired theoretically, but also with the national and international practical experience that we have been able to appreciate with the step of the years. This type of crimes is very particular and they have a singular profile that many lawyers ignore for the lack of experience in this type of cases.

On what do these types of crimes consist?

The crimes of white neck, also called crimes of white glove, they are those that are carried out by means of the graft of the funds of vulnerable users or of companies and signatures whose fundamental purpose is to be made of money and earnings through frauds and ¨classy robberies ¨. This type of crimes is very particular, because they have characteristic only that in fact make honor to the name with which are recognized, for example, they are classified with the last name of ¨white ¨ because those involved don't have a direct criminal contact seemingly with the fact that they execute like it usually happens in other crimes, because as they are directed to the patrimony and the goods of people, this type of acts is carried out ¨without getting dirty the hands¨.

International criminal law office in switzerland

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I propose to deal with the legal services available in Switzerland, specifically in the field of International Criminal Law. It may be difficult for the reader to link ideas such as international criminal trials with this country that is identified with a legendary abstinence to create binding ties.

However, it turns out that in Switzerland there are available International Criminal Law Firms that provide high quality services of international scope. Let's see some important elements in this regard: