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Accusations of Money laundering, legal defense

Shell Company Lawyers Attorneys

Every time the accusations of Money laundering are more frequent in European countries, where it is calculated in agreement with public made statistics for the International Monetary Fund that every year it is washed thousands of trillion dollars that come from traffic of drugs, traffic of weapons, prostitution, smuggling, robbery and graft of funds, among other origins.

Before an accusation of this type to some individual, Bank, company, it will be indispensable the consultation and legal defense, in those that the lawyers of our offices, specialized in all the related to that complex fact that constitutes an illegal activity which will trace an appropriate strategy, with the purpose of clarifying all the edges of the fact and to leave very clear if there is some responsibility or the innocence of the one accused.

Although it is certain that international regulations have been dictated so that that crime doesn't proliferate, cases of banks are given that they don't inform about doubtful financial transactions, with the result that has gotten worse and hardened in Europe the directive ones to go after those cases and to take them to be processed by the justice.

Criminal lawyers that speak english in Europe

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Better Guaranteed Juridical Services, an option that should not be missed out

If you belong to those individuals who wonder how to have the best juridical services, here we offer you that opportunity, only you have to consent to this connection and to discover what possibilities to triumph our lawyers guarantee you, those who are specialized in Penal Right, Penal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution.

Are you in the search of juridical advice for matters of inheritances, litigations or a guaranteed defense with success in penal matters? You have found the best option with us. Don't you doubt it, professionalism, technical rigor, a personalized attention and payment facilities, with excellence rates for your pocket? That and more Guaranteed Juridical Services offers.

Lawyers, Crime of International Traffic of Drugs

European Private Investigation Law Lawyers

In the current world, more than an enigma constitutes a chaotic reality in the increase of the consumption of drugs, tendency that is manifested in the most dissimilar social groups, without distinction of race or age. This phenomenon without place to doubts comes accompanied by a disordered necessity that the consumers manifest of satisfying their bad habit, necessity that indeed it constitutes a direct stimulant to a without number of criminal behaviors, as it is The International Traffic of Drugs.

- On what does this crime consist?

This criminal activity not only understands the sale of the psychotic substances, but also it does with the production or distribution, recycling and even the consumption of the same ones. Therefore the crime either consists on the active or passive participation in the habitual commercialization and with spirit of lucre or not of these substances. I mean the transfer or collaboration to the trade of drugs at a third, either too onerous or gratuitous title.

Criminal lawyer for foreigner in Europe

U.E. parallel imports  Lawyers

With a high specialization grade, our office has Criminal lawyers or detained foreigner in Europe, able to drive the process for the most favorable bed for his represented, because if it is all about technical rigor, qualification, professional ethics and abilities, we take a prominent place in the juridical services.

Every time is more notorious and more considerable the figure of immigrants who arrive to the European continent, in search of a better level of life in societies of more general well-being, and equal arrives those belonging to countries in conflict for war that those of foreigner America or other places of the orb.

Those individuals not always have a legal status of permanency in the European nations to which they have arrived, it is rather because they made it through people who were Crime traffickers or it is about Human Beings they introduced in Europe, or for fraudulent marriages with national, or also by means of false documents for airports, where when being examined they are captured.

10 errors to avoid when being detained, Italy France Spain

European Food And Beverages Law Lawyers

Any individual is exposed to be captured and accused of having committed a crime, sometimes the detention is carried out from the knowledge that the authorities have about the transgressions committed, sometimes the presumed transgressor is innocent, but in any circumstance it is worth to keep in mind these suggestions from a criminal lawyers that dwell on 10 errors that people should avoid when being detained.

Our lawyers have faced cases that have given them enough experience and they know that there are people who assume very different attitudes that have negative repercussions on the process. Let us see those errors next:

Lawyers attorneys (solicitors Italy France Spain)

Attendance in english to Foreign Detainees

Mesothelioma Lawyers Attorneys

Our office of lawyers offers legal services for all the foreigners in the territory who face some conflict with the Law. Our services are specialized in penal questions and we have lawyers’ experts in topics of procedures, detentions, accusations and all the actions that are developed in a process of this nature. Therefore they can contact us if they need any consulting type or legal representation.

How is the political work in our office?

We have a very strict politics that regulates all our labor activity, for that not only we offer legal services, but rather our services have guaranteed the quality, agility and excellence in each one of the cases that we admit in our offices. If he/she wants a mediocre service, definitively this it is not the ideal office to advise him, not only we represent his interests as our client, but rather we also defend our integrity and dependability while we make it, that’s why we have reached a respectable recognition among the other offices in the country.

Lawyer of European Corporate criminal law

U.E. competition Lawyers

At international level the confrontation to the corruption becomes an action of all nations, in which Europe equally has its regulations to prevent and to avoid that crime and in case it happens, the offender must be stopped and applied the corresponding sanctions, with the result that the attendance, the list of a lawyer specialized in European criminal law has outstanding importance.

The General Assembly of United Nations promulgated and it put in vigor in 2005 an international juridical instrument of combat against the corruption, subscribed by 182 countries that typify among the crimes generated by the bribe, the traffic of influences, abuse of functions in the public sector in benefit matter or private, laundry of money, graft, illicit enrichment. With the result that it establishes to foresee, to penalize and to apply the law, as well as the cooperation at international level before such crimes, together to the technical attendance and the exchange of information, because every time these events are more frequent in the orb.

The European nations have dictated norms about requirements of the Penal Code as regards the normative execution, starting from convenient procedures that facilitate to a company, their directive, employees and others linked to be governed and to make complete the legal normative surrounding, included regulations and laws, internal politicians to prevent attributable transgressions to people.

criminal lawyer Berlin, detention in the airport

Criminal Defense Lawyers

Travelers that are detained for diverse causes in some of the airports of Berlin, Germany, they can have the quick and excellent consultation and our qualified lawyers' defense and with a grateful professionalism and ethics, which allows them to assume the case of their represented and to drive him toward a satisfactory solution. lawyer paris france

A lawyer specialized in criminal Right, criminal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution is under conditions of lending a good service to who is arrested in an air terminal of Berlin by reasons violating the migratory norms until drug traffic.

To complete the expectations of their clients, our offices have the best lawyers who will be presented immediately in the airport of the German capital where the detention has happened.

Criminal lawyer Defender - Detainees Abroad

English Speaking Portuguese Law Firm

In the world and specifically in Europe it is registered an increment of cases of detention and imprisonment for diverse crimes that include equally to the drug traffic, in those that there is a strong presence of foreigners, a fact that implies without doubts that it charges outstanding importance the functions of those people's criminal lawyers defenders.

A criminal lawyer offers his services abroad to the detainee and he takes care that his rights are respected. This type of person is very vulnerable and many have a low profile in the socioeconomic aspect, many don't have criminal records but due to their precarious financial situation they are allowed to be captured by racketeers who use them in traffic of drugs or other crimes.

When assuming their case the lawyer will be interested in the particularities of the criminal procedure, the why and the form in which the detention was executed, the same as he will assure because immediate communication settles down with the consulate of his country, which represents an inalienable right. criminal lawyer france