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Accusations of money laundering, legal defense

Marriage Law Lawyers Attorneys

The accusations of money laundering continue to increase in frequency in European countries, where it is calculated based on public statistics of the International Monetary Fund that state that every year there is a laundering of thousands of trillion dollars that come from drug trafficking, traffic of weapons, prostitution, smuggling, robbery and misappropriation of funds, among other crimes.

Money laundering defense: Italy Spain France Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Saudi Arabia Argentine Armenia Aruba Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Benin Belarus Bolivia Bosnia Herzegovina Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Cape Verde Chile China Cyprus Colombia Comore South Korea Ivory Coast Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Denmark Ecuador Egypt El Salvador United Arab Emirates Estonia Finland Georgia Japan Jordan Greece Guatemala Honduras Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Israel Kuwait Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macao Madagascar Maldives Malaysia Morocco Maurizio Mayotte Mexico Montenegro Mozambique Nicaragua Norway Oman Netherlands Panama Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal Qatar Czech Republic Dominican Republic Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Uruguay Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe

When facing an accusation of this type against any person, Bank, or company, it will be indispensable the consultancy and legal defense, in which the lawyers of our offices, specialized in all that is related to that complex fact that constitutes an illegal activity will define an appropriate strategy, with the purpose of clarifying all the elements related to the fact and defining if the accused is responsible or innocent.

People accused of drug trafficking crimes, what rights do you have?

Arrested or Jailed Overseas Attorneys

The detentions of people accused of drug trafficking activities are quite frequent at present times; most of the people involved these cases don’t know about the right they have. With the result that the advice and defense from the criminal lawyer is indispensable to enforce what is established in the law.

Sometimes, when arriving in airports of European countries, foreigners are detained; sometimes it is true that they are guilty of that crime against the health, but there are also cases of innocents. Either as a victim or a real delinquent, they all have the right to receive a judicial proceeding based on procedural guarantees.

Policemen and guards of European frontiers tend to be prejudiced against travelers just because of their ethnic profile, the way they dress, or speak, the color of their skin, and in an indiscriminate way, they treat them as if they have infringed any migratory law or have been involved in drug-trafficking actions, resulting in a detention, which gets complicated for many travelers when ignoring the language of the country to which they have arrived.

Drug traffic and detention: why should you call a lawyer urgently?

European Drug Dealer Lawyers

Each country has Articles in their Criminal law that consider the drug traffic as an extremely serious crime, since it affects the health of people who consume drugs and also it can lead to acts of violence and other dangerous situations, as deaths, people's traffic, laundering of money and traffic of weapons, among other problems related to the lack of civic-mindedness and civic insecurity.

The concept of drug traffic involves a series of actions that go from the cultivation of the plants from which those toxic and dangerous substances are elaborated for the human consumption, to their production in laboratories created for those purposes, their later distribution and sale as links of a chain that it involves many individuals.

There are two categories that experts mention when referring to the drugs, which qualify as “soft” and “hard”. The first ones are those that cause serious damage to the health, as cocaine, heroin, morphine amphetamine, ecstasy and lysergic acid. The second ones are less harmful as marijuana, hashish, codeine and other medications that come from the opium. The sentence imposed on the detainee will be in accordance with the type of drug confiscated from him by the authorities.

Europe lawyers, Best Guaranteed Juridical Services

European Intellectual Property Lawyers

If you oneof those people who wonder how to have the best juridical services, here we offer you that opportunity, you only have to click on this link and you will discover what possibilities of triumphing are guaranteed by our lawyers, specialized in Criminal Law, Penal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution.

Are looking for a legal advice for matters of inheritances, litigations or a guaranteed defense with success in penal matters? Well, you have found the best option with us. Do not doubt it, profesionalidad, technical rigor, a personalized attention and credit facilities, with excellent prices for you. That and more is offered by Servicios Jurídicos Garantizados s.l.

Everyday, there are situations that imply the necessity for hiring a lawyer that is an expert in the defense and succeed in the process in favor of his client in any type of crimes, because he has the ability that allows him to win each process, no matter how complicated it is.

Defense Attorney in Cases of Traffic of Drugs

European Private Equity Lawyers

We guarantee an excellent advice and defense in cases of being stopped and accused for traffic of drugs; our offices have lawyers’ penologists of long experience and technical rigor to assist these cases. Don't doubt to contact us, we have representation in all Europe.

Every day detentions happen in airports, terminals of railroads, in buses, in marine, or in the most diverse places under the presumed crime of traffic of drugs, and our lawyers know of the keys or arguments more guessed right to trace the defense strategy.

Professionals qualified in Penal Right, Penal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution will value aspects that will have a favorable incidence for their represented as they are the form in that the police or gendarmes carried out the detention, based in which elements they contacted with the presumed transgressor and with what authority, if it were in an official way, if it happened some registration low judicial order, and if the one arrested consented or not in that registration.

Tax offenses, corporate criminal assistance Italy

European Real Estate Lawyers

In Europe, like in other places of the world, cases of tax offense happen and many people, companies, businesses, institutions involve in those transgressions when giving false or incomplete declarations about liquidation of taxes, when omitting data in accounting, when falsifying inventories or balances to be presented, as well as when reutilizing invoices of other stages or when they hide total of operations.

Personalities of the cultural sphere, the sport, the business, have got involved with these cases of tax offenses, either they are innocents or transgressors, they are entitled to receive the corporate penal assistance, an advisory and defense line in which our juridical services have a guaranteed reference.

Don't hesitate to call us if you, your company, business, establishment is involved in a case of tax offenses. A lawyer, who goes to you in an urgent way and takes charge of your case, will allow the process to be conducted with a strategy that guarantees the clarification of those facts.

Detention for drug traffic, criminal lawyer

European Ready-Made Shelf Companies Lawyers

Requesting the services of a criminal lawyer immediately if a detention for drug traffic occurs is really important, because a lawyer specialized in those cases can lean on arguments for the defense that could disable the evidences that the authorities use against the presumed offender.

Don't hesitate to contact our offices whose criminal lawyers will be able to structure the defense of their clients, clarifying if the police or the civil guard that executed the detention had the legal right to proceed to the capture and search, or if the constitutional rights were violated of the person detained.

They will be able to request information about the minimum quantitative and qualitative limit of the confiscated material, which is determined from its weight and purity in order to establish if it is harmful to the human health, if it is one of the so-called “hard” or “soft” drugs, which constitutes an argument for the criminal lawyer in favor of his client accused of drug traffic.