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In Europe, like in other places of the world, cases of tax offense happen and many people, companies, businesses, institutions involve in those transgressions when giving false or incomplete declarations about liquidation of taxes, when omitting data in accounting, when falsifying inventories or balances to be presented, as well as when reutilizing invoices of other stages or when they hide total of operations.

Personalities of the cultural sphere, the sport, the business, have got involved with these cases of tax offenses, either they are innocents or transgressors, they are entitled to receive the corporate penal assistance, an advisory and defense line in which our juridical services have a guaranteed reference.

Don't hesitate to call us if you, your company, business, establishment is involved in a case of tax offenses. A lawyer, who goes to you in an urgent way and takes charge of your case, will allow the process to be conducted with a strategy that guarantees the clarification of those facts.

Our offices have bilingual lawyers with double collegiality that act in all Europe. You can call us, inform us of what is happening and you will receive a highly qualified assistance with great technical rigor.


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It is known that in all Europe there are regulations in the tax penal legislations that punish the deceit, the cunning that some seek to develop in order to violate the payment of taxes, either in a partial way or partly, reason why you can be detained and be subjected to hard sanctions for committing this crime.

The corporate criminal assistance, when the intervention of the police happens, the Public Ministry and the Judiciary, which bring charges against individuals or companies and institutions, is of great relevance, and you should not delay requesting it, because the matter could be even more complicated and difficult to solve by that time.

Not paying taxes established by the law, receiving a tax credit and declaring expenses from false vouchers, can have serious consequences for the taxpayer; in such situation, if you are detained, you should request the assistance of lawyers specialized in this type of crimes.

The cases of obtaining fiscal credit or of deduction of the expenses with falsified payment vouchers are very frequent, and according to what happens every day, it is said that this is the most common way of tax fraud.

Whoever is involved in a case of tax offense could lose the benefits of helps or grants; he will be deprived of enjoying benefits and fiscal incentives, and equally social security, with sanctions in agreement with the seriousness of the fact.

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Our lawyers have experience to assume cases of this type and to show that not always the case that was presumably related to a crime of tax evasion, assures that the tributary debtor is related to a transgression.

The lawyer will assure that the technical or accounting reports that constitute presumed evidence against his detainee are analyzed and contrasted with other evidences that are examined their details convincingly in order to determine if in crime was committed, since a sentence of condemnation shouldn't be issued when not having all the elements that prove such thing.

The tax inspections, the annual declarations of the rent, can indicate that there was a tax evasion; that the declared amounts are not real; that there are percentages of revenues that were hidden. Then, those of the last years are verified and signs of fraud are investigated that, in case they are proven, can result in the imprisonment of the offender.

When being inspected, you should not refuse to an inspection of your data, either those filed in your computer or those you hold in papers or invoices. Showing an attitude of hostility, of offense or putting up resistance when being detained can complicate the case.

You should not forget that the quantity of the tax evasion will determine the sanction imposed on the offender that can range from one to several years of prison, fines, payment of he or she didn’t declare, fines plus interests, in relation to the period of time during which the person evaded.

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Although in the European countries there are programs of prevention and it is reiterated the necessity of being up-to-date with the economic institutions and the Public Treasury in order to prevent that type of transgressions, which cannot be justified by stating ignorance, there are always cases that offend.

The corporate penal assistance is extremely important in cases of tax offenses. You can receive the experience of our lawyers in your case. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our offices, represented in all Europe.

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