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Requesting the services of a criminal lawyer immediately if a detention for drug traffic occurs is really important, because a lawyer specialized in those cases can lean on arguments for the defense that could disable the evidences that the authorities use against the presumed offender.

Don't hesitate to contact our offices whose criminal lawyers will be able to structure the defense of their clients, clarifying if the police or the civil guard that executed the detention had the legal right to proceed to the capture and search, or if the constitutional rights were violated of the person detained.

They will be able to request information about the minimum quantitative and qualitative limit of the confiscated material, which is determined from its weight and purity in order to establish if it is harmful to the human health, if it is one of the so-called “hard” or “soft” drugs, which constitutes an argument for the criminal lawyer in favor of his client accused of drug traffic.

The lawyers of our offices are qualified, they have a high technical rigor, in many cases they are doubly collegiate, they master more than one language and they can act in any country of the European Union, because we are legally represented in all the nations of the continent.


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Our offices offer excellent services with criminal lawyers of high qualification. We have representation in all Europe and a prestige that stands for our effective competence in giving service in cases of detention for drug traffic.

You cannot forget that each person that is imputed a crime requires a lawyer that advises him and assumes his defense, and if the case refers to drug traffic it is doubly necessary the hiring of a professional so that he manages the case.

If the person accused is innocent it is even more indispensable the presence of a criminal lawyer with abilities and technical rigor, in order to avoid, even when being innocent, a sanction to imprisonment if you don't have a good legal assistance capable of clarifying the facts and showing the truth.

The specialists in Criminal Law of our offices are backed up by their experience in the defense of accused people of crimes related to drugs that go from the cultivation of the product, its elaboration, the promotion or sale for the human consumption, transport of the product, to integrating a Drug Cartel, with the consequent aggravating circumstances. That is to say they can be detained for any of those serious transgressions.

In such facts, when carrying out a detention, the accused or his relatives can have the services of our offices and their criminal lawyers who will define a defense strategy in search of the acquittal of their clients, or the search of extenuating circumstances if the facts were recognized, which will reduce the sanction to an under-two-years period, and in the best-case scenario it could prevent you from going to the jail.

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The foreigners that travel to another country must observe the laws that govern those nations and they are not exempted from crimes with the excuse that they ignore them, therefore if they transgress such laws they will be exposed to a judicial process, in which, of course, they will require the assistance from a criminal lawyer.

Frequently, travelers are detained under the accusation of drug traffic when arriving at airports, and since they do not master the language of that place nor their legislations they are even more exposed to the violation of their rights, the distortion of their declarations if they are not stated in front of a lawyer and sometimes they even suffer from coercion from the police or the authorities, exposing themselves to a condemnation, when not having a good one lawyer who assists them.

A lawyer specialized in Criminal Law, Penal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution will be able to assume the consultancy and defense either of a foreigner that doesn't belong to European countries or citizens from nations contained in the European Union who is visiting another place of Europe.

Our juridical services have offices in the whole European continent, where the quality in the service of their lawyers is a guarantee, either if it was necessary to assume cases related to the application of the European Arrest Warrant, when the condemnation is longer than 4 months.

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Also, our criminal lawyers are qualified to defend people of other countries that are not European and who are subjected to an extradition order when being accused of a drug traffic crime.

We are at your disposal with expert lawyers and with a proven professional ethics. We offer you the guarantee of receiving assistance with the entire technical rigor and the excellence as a premise. You only have to call us.

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