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Detainees in Italy, English-speaking lawyer

Drug Traffickers Lawyers

Detainees in Italy, English-speaking lawyer

Each country has specific regulations in their Criminal law whose Articles vouch for what they have legally implemented, and, although for example all those nations belong to a continent, in this case Europe, in each territory the regulations can be different. Let us see what happens to the detainees in Italy.

An important thing that should be made quite clear is that, although the Criminal law has specific particularities in each country, the presence and assistance of a lawyer is indispensable to ensure the observance of the detainee's constitutional rights, if he is Latin American or from another English-speaking region, having a lawyer who speaks English will be really helpful.

People detained on money laundering, criminal lawyer for urgencies

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People detained on money laundering, criminal lawyer for urgencies - Italy Spain France Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Saudi Arabia Argentine Armenia Aruba Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Benin Belarus Bolivia Bosnia Herzegovina Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Cape Verde Chile China Cyprus Colombia Comore South Korea Ivory Coast Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Denmark Ecuador Egypt El Salvador United Arab Emirates Estonia Finland Georgia Japan Jordan Greece Guatemala Honduras Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Israel Kuwait Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macao Madagascar Maldives Malaysia Morocco Maurizio Mayotte Mexico Montenegro Mozambique Nicaragua Norway Oman Netherlands Panama Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal Qatar Czech Republic Dominican Republic Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Uruguay Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe

The consultancy and defense from a criminal lawyer in cases of people arrested on the charge of money laundering, an illegal activity that becomes more frequent every day, assures that the process being held against that individual, extremely complex in itself, is conducted appropriately in order to investigate all its aspects and to determine the real responsibility or innocence of the accused.

Hence, the importance of going immediately to the services that the criminal lawyer for urgencies offers who has the professional capacity, the technical rigor and the necessary abilities to end the process successfully.

Detainees on drug traffic, mistakes to be avoided

European Industrial Law Lawyers

Operations against drug traffic carried out by the police, the civil guard and agents against the drug traffic are more and more frequent, with the purpose of dismantling the links of the criminal organizations and bands devoted to the cultivation, transport and distribution of drugs, which is defined by the Criminal law of European countries as a crime against human health.

In those raids, or in detentions in airports, train stations, or other places, either a culprit of such a crime against the public health or an innocent can be captured, but both cases have rights that should be observed by the authorities, also the presumed transgressor should act accordingly so that he doesn't make mistakes that could complicate the judicial process being held against him.

-First of all, you should be respectful when treating with the authorities and you must not to be rude or utter insulting words.

Extradition Lawyer in Italy, France and Germany

European Fisheries Law Lawyers

In European countries like Italy, France and Germany often there are cases of individuals that, after being detained for a crime, are extradited to their origin nation. If you, a relative or a friend is in that situation contacts with us, we are an office with criminal lawyers with a great experience and professionalism.

With representation in all Europe, our lawyers have double collegiality, they are bilingual and they can assume your case, basing on a postulate that cannot be disregarded and this is that the extradition between two nations is carried out when bilateral agreements exist, in case they are European if there is an order that is effective for all the countries of the European Union.

If you are detained in Italy, France or Germany and you a national of any of the nations of the aforementioned Union and the sanction being imposed exceeds four months of deprivation of freedom, then the European Arrest Warrant can be applied, effective in all the countries that integrate the European Union. In such instances it will also be important the assistance of a lawyer.

American lawyer in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany

European movement of services Lawyers

With a high technical rigor, excellence and our professionalism, our offices with American penologists in Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany offer services specialized in the sphere of the Italian, Swiss, French, German penal right and their respective penal codes and laws of criminal prosecution.

Their grateful qualification and their double training, they allow their domain in english, but also in the language of those countries, to assume the consultation and defense in cases of immigration, drug traffic, inheritances, contracts, residence documents, accidents and family laws and others.

If they require of a American lawyer in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany that offers them a good juridical advice for matters of litigations or a guaranteed defense with success in penal matters that offer them a personalized attention with our lawyers.

Foreigners detained on drug charges, legal consultancy

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The cases of Foreigners detained for charges of drug traffic by the authorities are frequent, some of them, with the purpose of making money, accept to transfer those toxic substances in crafts, to another country by means of airplanes or train and they are detained by the police or the civil guard and accused of a crime against the human health.

In such a situation, the Foreigner detained for possessing, transferring, supplying, acquiring or selling drugs should request legal consultancy immediately, when being in another country whose citizens do not speak Spanish in that case it will be also important to request the presence of a lawyer that masters the Spanish language, and if there was not a him bilingual lawyer, request the presence of an interpreter, which is countersigned by his constitutional rights.

Our offices have a team of highly qualified lawyers, characterized by their high technical rigor, professional ethics and most of them are backed up by a double collegiality, they are multilingual and they can render their services in any nation of the European Union, since we have representation in the whole continent.

Lawyer for Britons, Italy, Germany and France

English Speaking Swiss Legal Advice

A considerable increase has registered the prison population integrated by emigrated Britons in Europe, just as they demonstrate public made statistics in Italy, Germany and France, to mention some countries of the referred continent.

A penal lawyer who advises and assumes the defense of those detainees who had singular importance, and for that attendance there are specialized offices whose lawyers can take such cases to the most appropriate and favorable final.

When wondering why is high that percentage of prisoners coming from Britons countries, it is necessary to keep in mind that in the last years the entrance has grown of migrant and not only of that geographical area, but also of nations in war or in conflicts and also who emigrates in search of an economic improvement and a level of more comfortable life than their origin place and they end up transgressing the laws.