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In European countries like Italy, France and Germany often there are cases of individuals that, after being detained for a crime, are extradited to their origin nation. If you, a relative or a friend is in that situation contacts with us, we are an office with criminal lawyers with a great experience and professionalism.

With representation in all Europe, our lawyers have double collegiality, they are bilingual and they can assume your case, basing on a postulate that cannot be disregarded and this is that the extradition between two nations is carried out when bilateral agreements exist, in case they are European if there is an order that is effective for all the countries of the European Union.

If you are detained in Italy, France or Germany and you a national of any of the nations of the aforementioned Union and the sanction being imposed exceeds four months of deprivation of freedom, then the European Arrest Warrant can be applied, effective in all the countries that integrate the European Union. In such instances it will also be important the assistance of a lawyer.

Also there are cases of individuals that commit a crime in another country, in another continent and they escape to Europe, that is to say Italy, France and Germany, running from the justice, but if there is an agreement between such nations and the place where the offense of which that person is accused happened, he can be claimed to be judged there.

In those cases the defense criminal lawyer of the accused can play an important role in his advice and defense and ensure the realization all the things related to the extradition to the country of the accused, if that is the case, based on the guarantees and the respect to his rights.

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Above all, he will also assure that the consular headquarters of the detainee's country be informed and participate in the case. When the prosecuted person does not speak Italian, French or German, the fact that the lawyer is bilingual or multilingual will facilitate the communication even more.

The lawyer that assumes the case of an individual in that situation will inform him about his rights, he will ensure that his relatives can visit him or send him money to face the process, he will appear with him in the trial and he will help until the last moment of the process so that everything takes place under the strictest control of the respect to the procedural guarantees.

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It is necessary to understand that the extradition is an extremely complex procedure and whoever is in such a situation requires a lawyer specialized in this type of cases so that he ensure from the beginning the observance of everything related to the juridical system of both countries. In case the countries are from distant geographical areas and with different legislations, norms, procedures and different laws, it will be more complex and the lawyer will constitute an important link in the whole development of the negotiations.

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There are cases in which the nation where the detainee is and for whom the extradition is requested, doesn't grant it, since they know that the requesting country of that individual is not quite reliable in that it can execute the person extradited or subject him to sanctions and punishments that are against the respect to their human rights. In those cases the lawyer's assistance also becomes important.

Our offices have very qualified professionals and they will be able to evaluate, analyze and clarify that person is in a process of asylum petition and if he is given that condition the claim for extradition becomes ineffective. There are even periods that the authorities must meet when a case of this kind happens.

If in Italy, France or Germany a lawyer of our offices assists a person involved in a crime for which the extradition is requested, based on political crimes, the petition can be left without effect, because that individual would be in a great risk in case he was sent to the country that requests him.

It is important to clarify that a criminal lawyer with experience will have above all the caution of advising his client so that he doesn't let the authorities convince him to sign an extradition order without having informed the lawyer that represents him of each aspect, detail and element of his case, without hiding anything, so that this professional can assume his consultancy and defense in the best and satisfactory way possible.

Our offices offer a juridical service with guarantees, with lawyers renowned for their excellent abilities, technical rigor and qualification in Penal Code, Criminal Law, Penal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution. We are at your disposal. Don't hesitate to consult us.

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