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Crime of international traffic of drugs Italy Spain France

European Litigation Law Lawyers

Our lawyer’s office offers services specialized in Penal Right in the territory and we exercise legal competition so much national as international. Our lawyers are very deep in the exercise of their task, and they are expert in the penal matters, therefore they guarantee in the process the preparation and the technical and doctrinal knowledge that they have reached with the years of practice. For that reason if he/she needs any type of professional consultation he/she can request our services.

What relationship does it exist between the Penal Right and other juridical branches or sciences related to it?

As theoretical discipline the science of the Penal Right is based on the essence and the paper of the State and the Right, its movement laws and its appearance forms, and at the same time the results of the Penal Right, on its functions, on the character of the sanction, the creation relationship and convincing, repression and education, about the man's responsibility before the State and the Society.

Attorney of the latin people in france

European Blackmail Law Lawyers

The Latin people in France are not unprotected, whatever the reason for staying in this country, or their immigration status.

Lawyer for Latin people in France, I offer services of great quality, efficiency and reliability. I offer the service in perfect Spanish language, in order to guarantee a transparent communication free of barriers with the clients, which represents an essential element for the satisfactory development of the attorney-client relationship.

Below, there are some details of the work I do as a lawyer for Latin people in France.

Juridical Office for Detained Hispanic for Drugs

Litigation Law Lawyers Attorneys

We specialize in the range of juridical services in Spanish in the territory and we have lawyers experts in the cases of crimes of drugs and all the actions that are linked to these, as the case of the detentions and arrests. He/she can find services with a lot of efficiency in our office and we assist cases of Hispanic that are in this type of situations, always facilitating them the opportunities that favor to their situation.

What must be known about the crimes of drugs?

In all the cases in those that it is manifested in a way or other, some narcotic or toxic addictive substance as the drugs it is very important to be informed on how it is regulated in Law their treatment, because he/she should know on these questions and to be consent of them to see if he is constituent of some criminal activity or if it is allowed according to the laws of the country. For example there are important elements in connection with activities related to these substances, because a limit that demarcates among possession for personal consumption exists and to traffic, which it means without a doubt some a decisive distinction for any case in which he has been stopped by possession of drugs, because in dependence of the quantity that it has been occupied to him by the authorities who stopped him, one can allege a completely exculpatory thesis at his favor or not.

European Arrest Warrant, Order and European Capture

European Child Abduction Law Lawyers

It is very complicated to face any situation with the justice without a good lawyer that represents them, because in many occasions the citizens ignore the rights that the Law grants them and it also exist many procedures that are specific in dependence of the case and details that only the professionals of the right dominate. We offer legal consultation on the matters of detention orders and captures, because we exercise the profession in many areas of the juridical traffic, but we specialize in these cases.

What is a detention order and capture?

It is an order that allows to the police authorities of a country to look for and to arrest a person, being founded in reasons settled down in the Law. It is a required order, which is decreed by a competent judge, attacking the police authorities to proceed to the detention of an individual. The corresponding judge dictates this order by means of a Car that will give beginning to the performances.

Attorney, Lawyers for foreigners in italy

European Family Law Lawyers

ATTENTION! To foreigners living in Italy: No more uncertainties regarding your legal status.

GOODBYE to the fact that being a foreigner makes you feel helpless when facing legal problems.

ATTORNEY FOR foreigners IN ITALY: I put the expertise acquired in my years practicing the law to serve foreigners, from any country in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Attorneys of the foreigners in germany

European Privatization Law Lawyers

foreigners in Germany need a legal assistance designed especially for them. It is not enough to have a lawyer, no matter how professional he is, with experience only representing the German. The best is a lawyer for foreigners in Germany, the only way they will be guaranteed a personalized service that responds to their own needs, an expert in dealing with the issues of Spanish speakers in the German country.

As a lawyer for foreigners in Germany, I am qualified to provide the service you need, for the following fundamental reasons:

1. Command of the Spanish language in a broad and fluent manner.

Foreigners under arrest, attorney speaks English

French Attorneys

Are you foreigner, and are you under arrest? Do you have a family member or foreigner friend who is detained?



Penal Urgencies, Prisoners for Drugs and Homicides

European Family Law Lawyers

When they face condemnations or detentions for crimes of drugs or homicides, it is required of an urgent legal attendance, since it is of great importance for the affected fellow that a lawyer that exercises his rights and they persist and contribute to change to be possible his legal condition. For it our office of lawyers is useful, since we dedicate our time and effort to solve cases of this nature, with coarse experience and good resources.

On what do these crimes consist?

The crime of Traffic of Drugs perpetuates those who execute cultivation acts, elaboration or traffic, or that otherwise they promote, favor or facilitate the illegal consumption of toxic drugs, narcotics or psychotic substances, or they possess them with those ends.