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Lawyer of Cases such as money laundering

European Traffic Ticket Law Lawyers

As lawyer I have been able to acquire a great practical experience and a clear sense of professionalism along the years of labor experience. Therefore I offer services of legal representation in cases of all penal nature and I specialize on the topics of bleach, capital and money, considering whenever the amount of my profession is to make be worth the Right to the Defense of all citizens that not in vain it is a fundamental right. That is why I always assist each case with thoroughness and patience, because I consider that the most important thing is the details that can give unexpected overturns to situations that seemingly had a sure address.

When does the money become capital?

Money is a right of existing in the society where the relationships of merchandise change begin. The money is not an object as such, but it expresses the relationships among the fellows that intervene in the mercantile economy, therefore it has a social function, to serve of equivalent universal to the rest of the merchandise. On the other hand the capital is the accumulated money, but this doesn't become capital to be accumulated quantitatively, but as a result of its employment to obtain earnings. So that the money becomes capital it has to left in the storage place (not always in a literal sense) and to be used in certain economic movements, so the money is valorized, the money is increased without the participation of the possessor of the money in work.

Consultation to foreigner Detainees for Drug

Structured Finance Law Lawyers

We lend representation services and artificial consultation to all the foreigners who require legal attendance on cases of drugs. We can offer him up-to-date information on the legislation in this respect and to offer him a correct address on as prosecuting his situation with the justice. Our services have a great quality and agility in the steps, because we consider very valuable the time of our clients. We also face tribunals with a lot of cunning and zeal, concluding many cases with favorable shortcomings to our represented.

What is the drug?

The term ¨Drug¨ responds to any substance with certain potential to prevent or to cure certain illnesses, although generally, the concept usually attributes to the psychotic substances and in a more colloquial way it is considered as only drug, the illegal drugs. Drugs exist highly consumed at international level, like it is the case of the alcohol, the nicotine and the caffeine, legal in many countries. What happens in most of the cases is the presence of an addiction that these substances can cause and that they stimulate the criminal facts when the person wants to satiate her necessity, or in other cases when one tries to facilitate to other that possibility, but in an illegal way, like when marketing cannabis, heroin and cocaine.

Detention for narcotics sale, rights of the detainee

English Speaking German Law Firm

Is it possible that you are accused and arrested for selling narcotics only because someone suspects you sell this type of substance? Under what circumstances can they arrest you? Is there a procedure for your detention? What are your rights if you are arrested and charged with selling narcotics?

"Suspicion" is not a fact that allows the police to arrest anyone. It is not possible that for one of your neighbors, co-workers or ex-partner to carry out a generational, professional or loving revenge, make a telephone call to the police to accuse you of narcotics sale and that they immediately knock on your door to search your house and arrest, handcuff and accuse you of selling drugs without there being evidence to prove this fact.

In order for you to be arrested, there must first be an investigation where there is evidence that you are a narcotics seller. Although you could also be arrested if you are a person who delivers drugs to the houses or you prefer the "street trade" of this type of substance, and you were followed by the police, as they had strong evidence of the fact.

Arrested at the airport, Urgent legal assistance

International Drug Lawyers

I bet you have never thought about the possibility that when you are traveling on business or pleasure, after arriving in your destination country, in the middle of the airport, you can be stopped by the customs controls, separated from the line and taken into a room, where they inform you that you are under arrest!

If that happened to you anytime: What would you do?

The first reaction of any person would always be to ask what happens and try to understand what they want to tell to you, if you are lucky and have come to a place where they speak your language, or where communicating in simple English everyone understands (it happens that not always we will be in a place where we know the language, or where when trying to say something in English they will get you wrong and instead of being an aid, trying to communicate becomes a very strong barrier).

Juridical Dispatch to Detainees for Murder

U.E. Court of Luxembourg Lawyers

Our office of lawyers offers services for those people who have been detained by the crime of Murder. We focus our defense on the rights that the Law grants to each citizen involved in a penal process, not caring which it is his condition. Also in many occasions we help to demonstrate the innocence of our represented ones, when false allegations are presented against them, whenever tests that demonstrate their position in the process exist.

When is the crime of Murder typified according to the Penal Law?

A person commits a crime when he/she murder another one. Whenever he converges any of these circumstances: to execute the fact by means of price, rewards or benefits of any class, or offer or promise of these, to make the fact using means, ways or forms that spread direct and especial ways to assure their execution without risk of the defense that could make the offended one, to execute the fact against a person that flagrantly, for his personal conditions or for the circumstances in which he/she is, is not able to defend appropriately; to increase the victim's suffering deliberately, causing him other unnecessary wrongs for the execution of the crime, to work with forethought, that is to say, when his external acts demonstrate that the idea of the crime arose previously in his mind enough to consider it with serenity for the time that it mediated between the purpose and its realization.

Defendant assistance handbook, criminal lawyers

English Speaking German Legal Advice

Have you been accused and you are sure of your innocence? How to act in the first moment? What should you do to provide the best support to the criminal lawyer who will represent you?

As a general rule, anyone who has been criminally accused experiences the feeling that those around them are not capable of believing in his innocence. To learn how to live with everyone around you suspecting you, the key will be to have all the patience in the world and to trust the professionalism and wisdom of the criminal lawyer who will assist your case.

First of all, you should clear up any doubts about the person initiating the accusation, at what moment he did it and the reasons why you are accused.

Lawyer Expert in Cases of International Mafia

South Africans nationals in prison abroad Lawyers

A good lawyer knows in a lightly universal way on the different spheres of action of his profession, but he specializes in one of them, because it is the best road to reach the excellence in his work. It is not easy to find expert, in cases of this type, since it requires a lot of time of study and practical experience. It is for this reason that if he/she needs legal attendance in some situation with the justice by reason of International Mafia, he/she can request my services. Joy of legal competition in the territory and I assist cases so much national as international.

Does he/she have any relationship with the delinquency organized in this type of cases?

Although the Mafia is considered a type of Organized Crime, really if a very narrow bond exists between the Organized Delinquency and the cases of International Mafia, since the Organized Delinquency is a criminal activity, that is to say anti-juridical as it carries out person's group and that contrary to the Organized Crime, he/she has certain lasting period in the time, what it means that it is not casual or sporadic, but rather that group of people exists with the purpose of carrying out certain crimes or illicit activities, with the primordial end of obtaining some economic recompense, for what its reason of being fundamental is the lucrative spirit. The organized delinquency is also the ¨ material seat¨ of the Organized Mafia, since in this type of groupings a bond exists, not present in the organized crime that relates its members, creating secret knots and concealment that consider necessary to avoid being detected and pursued by the crimes that are made.

Consultation to Detainees for International Criminal Organizations

European E-Commerce Law Lawyers

We offer services of legal attendance to those who had been detained by crimes related to international criminal Organizations. committed with our work, we make an effort in representing with excellence to each one of our clients and certainly in this type of cases a singular ability is required which is not obtained only with the obtained academic knowledge of studies, but for the practical experience that you can reach. In our case, we take years exercising the profession, reaching a very positive acceptance among our represented one, because each rest rooms are specialized since lawyers experts in this type of cases have to dominate relative questions to the international order that are fundamental for the good development of these processes.

What are the international criminal Organizations?

The international criminal organizations are those constituted that is to say by a group of people who seek to carry out certain criminal acts, anti-juridical facts that also have certain lasting period in the time and that they always have an economic or lucrative purpose. Contrary to the processes of Organized Crime, in these cases a bond exists among their members that it interrelates them morally to be hidden to each other and to be able to avoid to the justice the biggest possible time. Another distinctive element is that they have international action that is to say outside of the territory where their headquarters reside, for what their acts have repercussions in different States.