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We guarantee an excellent advice and defense in cases of being stopped and accused for traffic of drugs; our offices have lawyers’ penologists of long experience and technical rigor to assist these cases. Don't doubt to contact us, we have representation in all Europe.

Every day detentions happen in airports, terminals of railroads, in buses, in marine, or in the most diverse places under the presumed crime of traffic of drugs, and our lawyers know of the keys or arguments more guessed right to trace the defense strategy.

Professionals qualified in Penal Right, Penal Code and Law of Criminal Prosecution will value aspects that will have a favorable incidence for their represented as they are the form in that the police or gendarmes carried out the detention, based in which elements they contacted with the presumed transgressor and with what authority, if it were in an official way, if it happened some registration low judicial order, and if the one arrested consented or not in that registration.

Equally, it will be based on confirmations about if the substance that was found in possession of its protected one when they captured it, this could from the quantitative and qualitative point of view to cause damages to the human health, because in this aspect it is important to define if its percentages are high, medium or small.

Those details and others will be of supreme importance to assume the defense, in the one which the lawyer, being based on objective elements, he/she will be able to demonstrate that the detention of his represented has been mistaken.

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International drug Criminal defense in Italy Spain France Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Saudi Arabia Argentine Armenia Aruba Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Benin Belarus Bolivia Bosnia Herzegovina Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Cape Verde Chile China Cyprus Colombia Comore South Korea Ivory Coast Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Denmark Ecuador Egypt El Salvador United Arab Emirates Estonia Finland Georgia Japan Jordan Greece Guatemala Honduras Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Israel Kuwait Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macao Madagascar Maldives Malaysia Morocco Maurizio Mayotte Mexico Montenegro Mozambique Nicaragua Norway Oman Netherlands Panama Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal Qatar Czech Republic Dominican Republic Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Uruguay Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe


The traffic of drugs for the implications that it has in the human health and also for what it can bring about, as traffic of weapons, of people, violence, homicides and other facts, it figures among the qualified crimes as serious in the different legislations of the countries, and it is punished with strong sanctions.

For that if he is in a situation that he is stopped, or some relative, this will have the services with a lawyer's urgency who will be present when he gave his declaration and was interrogated, making sure because the rights of his represented are completed and remaining to the so much of the procedures that they are carried out during the whole penal process.

Our offices with a grateful experience will put to disposition from their clients to the lawyers who will guarantee a specialized attendance, with capacity of analysis of the most favorable variables that drive to the development of a successful defense.

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With representation in the whole European continent, our juridical services have a real guarantee in the pursuit of cases in which it is applied the Order of European Detention or EURO ORDER, whenever it is a privation of freedom for him to overcome the 4 months.

When existing the added difficulty for the one arrested by traffic of drugs of applying him the EURO ORDER and being extradited to his country, the lawyers of our offices with wide experience in those situations will assume in the best possible way that process, when fulfilling his work with all rigor and seriousness.

But the same way it can happen to an immigrant who is under arrest for that crime, and ignore essential aspects of the Penal Code of the country where he was stopped, therefore the lawyer's attendance will be primordial to take to good bed the process.


The accused for traffic or holding of drugs, subjected to a judicial process for that crime against the public health in Europe, he can be condemned to several hardships of privation of freedom, and in this they have to see, among other aspects, the purity and the weight of the busy narcotic to the one arrested, the drug type that it is, "soft" or "hard", which are more dangerous as the cocaine, morphine, methadone, ecstasy, sour lysergic and so forth.

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But although they qualify in the group of those "soft", as the marijuana, codeisán, hashish, trankimazín and other coming from the opium, the urgent attendance of a lawyer penologist that has a good guarantee in the consultation and defense to that type of detainees is primordial.

The lawyer will be able to evaluate to what extent added difficulties exist and this is related to the presumed transgressor's profile, for example if he is a doctor, a public official, an educational one, a policeman, and if they have offered those products that harm to the health to smaller than 18 years, in what place they made it, and if those drugs have some relationship with having whitened of capitals, traffic of weapons, of people, homicide, violence, among others.

Before a situation of this type, if he is involved in an arrest of this type, if he/she is a relative or a very near friend who is in such a case, consult us, don't doubt to call to our offices, we are at your disposal with lawyers that dominate the foreign language of his protected ones in many cases and this implies a guarantee bonus. We wait for your call.

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