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The amount of imprisoned Foreigners immigrants in Europe has become considerably bigger, according to the recent statistics in Italy, Germany and France, to mention some countries of this continent.

A criminal lawyer who advises and assumes the defense of those detainees has a particular importance, and for that assistance, there are specialized offices whose lawyers can take such cases to the most appropriate and favorable ending.

When thinking about the reason for this high percentage of prisoners coming from Foreigners countries, it is necessary to keep in mind that in the last years the entrance of immigrants has been widened out, and not only from that geographical area, but also from nations in war or with conflicts and also who migrate in search of an economic improvement and a more comfortable lifestyle than the ones available in their original countries; so sometimes they end up transgressing the laws.

Many of those detainees are waiting for trial in jails. This kind of people has against them the difficulties they face when trying to achieve precautionary measures which result in alternatives to being in prison.

It is added to that situation, for example in Italy, the introduction of the illegal immigration crime in the penal Code, the same as in other nations.

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Another fact that impacts on the increase of the Foreigners immigrant penal population and that represents a delay in the solution or development of each case, is that the consulates of their nations find it difficult to assume the legal cost of a judicial process.

But also, each nation has regulations and laws that govern the functions and activities of their consulates in other places of the world; therefore, in accordance with them and the allocated resources, they will be, more or less, capable of supporting the detainee.

Nevertheless, it will always be opportune to see the prisoner's possibilities or of their family or of the person that stands guarantor of him when hiring a criminal lawyer, specialized in this type of cases.

There are Offices with lawyers whose prestige and dependability have a proven guarantee, and in a same way they have the abilities, the technical rigor, the ethics and the experience to assume the consultancy and the defense, whether in a crime of little magnitude or others of more seriousness such as the drug traffic.

He will ensure that your constitutional rights are being respected, and, in case you are dealing with an accusation of drug trafficking, he will lean on arguments that will define how serious the fact really is, because there are extenuating factors related to the quantity and the type of drug and the quantitative and qualitative effects on health.

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The criminal lawyer chosen to defend a Foreigners detainee in Italy, will be part of an office that has the prestige and the excellence of its services, based on their knowledge of the International Law, the understanding of the detainee's language, something which is very favorable, and he must have a great experience in criminal law.

But also, in case there is request for the implementation of the Agreement of Strasbourg on the transfer of condemned people, the lawyer will know how to lead the process in the best way possible in favor of the person involved.


France, like other European countries, has large reception of immigrants, among them Foreigners who get involved in some crimes and they require a lawyer that speaks their language and have a good performance in International Law.

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Because, the offender could be in police custody for being a suspect, or he could be awaiting his trial in a preventive prison, or that the Foreigners individual's detention will be in a closed place, with a view to being expelled from France.

In any of those situations you will require of a lawyer that represents you in your own language and clarify the veracity of the evidences for which you are being accused. Consulting a lawyer is extremely important.


The advice and monitoring of cases of Foreigners detained in Germany are better performed by a lawyer with experience and mastery of the language of his client, which influences very favorably on the understanding of every detail of the case and on the creation of a defense strategy.

There are Offices with prestigious professionals who can offer the best service, without incurring any fraud, since there have been cases, not only in Germany, but also in Italy, France and other European countries, of deceptions performed by people who pretended to be lawyers and requested certain sums of money promising to set the detainee free in an agile and prompt way.

The lawyers from specialized offices and properly qualified to assist cases of Foreigners detainees in these countries of Europe, have a cast-iron professional ethics, so don't hesitate to consult them. Having this good service is up to you.

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